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Miracle Service

People’s Church this Sunday, November 6th, we are having a miracle service! I will be teaching on miracles and we are taking time during each experience to pray for God to do a miracle in YOUR life! Please set aside time to fast and pray for God to do amazing things this Sunday! I am so excited and am expecting and believing God for HUGE things! God answers prayer!


People’s Church is kicking off a new series titled Giants this Sunday! I am pumped about all that God is going to do! We are going to defeat some giants throughout this series! GET READY!

Trapped In Rebellion

I wrapped up the series Authority Issues with a talk that was titled Trapped In Rebellion and God used it to minister to our hearts. Thanks John Bevere for your great book on Authority Issues! It was a great resource for this series and changed my life!

Honor And Reward

My great friend Pierre Du Plessis preached at People’s Church two weeks ago and it was a life changing message. It spoke deeply to our hearts! Listen and be blessed!

Christmas Trees

Take Care Of Your Team pt. 2

6. Be a blessing to your team’s kids. On their birthdays, buy them a card or a gift, but whatever you do, remember and honor their kids’ birthdays.

7. Provide a card or even a gift when your team or your team’s spouse has a birthday or wedding anniversary.

8. Provide extra benefits or perks for people who have been on your team a long time. The 5 year mark, 10 year mark,15 and 20 year marks are great times to reward people for their longevity. Reward faithfulness and fruitfulness.

9. When possible, bless your team with some extra time off during the Christmas holiday season. A couple extra days off can make a huge difference in your team’s energy level, and it let’s them know that you value and care about them and their families.

10. Celebrate victories and have a blast with your team. Have staff parties. Eat together. Play fantasy football together. Go on a fun retreat together. Go to a conference together. Whatever you do, laugh a lot and have fun with your team.

Take Care Of Your Team

1. Be sure to truly love the team of people you lead.

2. Be there for your team during difficult times.

3. Make sure your team is staying healthy in all areas of their life. Periodically, ask them how they are doing.

4. Make sure your team takes their vacation time to recharge their batteries.

5. Pay your team as well as you can, and do your best to provide health insurance and other benefits to take care of your team.

More tomorrow!

Your Attitude Stinks

1. You don’t win in the long run when you have a bad attitude

2. Having a cold shoulder towards people never helps out your cause

3. Holding a grudge is the immature way

4. Going to the person and clearing the air is the mature way

5. Trying to manipulate people or situations with a negative attitude is never justified

6. Putting off bad vibes when you are around others is never helpful and only makes you look bad

7. Moping around with a stinky attitude so people will feel sorry for you doesn’t endear people to you; it repels them

8. Blaming other people for your bad attitude is a weak cop out. Your attitude is always your choice

9. You can’t control how people treat you but you can control your response

10.You always win in the long run when you have a positive and loving attitude

Developing Leaders pt. 2

6. When your inner circle makes a mistake, help them learn from the mistake so they don’t repeat it. Everybody makes mistakes, but it’s what we do with the mistakes that make us a better person.

7. Don’t just teach your inner circle what you do, teach them why you do what you do. If you only teach them what you do, you’ve got a follower. If you teach why you do what you do, you are developing a thinking leader.

8. Encourage your inner circle and inspire them to reach their God-given potential. We all need a lot of encouragement.

9. Believe in your inner circle and help them develop a godly confidence in who God has called them to be.

10. Be patient with your inner circle. Developing people is not a week or month long process. It takes time to develop people into good leaders. If you continue the development process with the right people, you will see the fruit from your investment, so stay with it and keep investing into people.

Developing Leaders pt. 1

1. Find an inner circle of 3 to 12 people to develop and pour your life into. You can’t closely mentor and develop 30 people. Even Jesus only had 12. Be sure you choose the right people who are hungry to grow and who have the ability to lead people.

2. Meet with your inner circle at least bi-weekly for development. It takes constant interaction, coaching and feedback to develop people.

3. Developing leaders includes helping people grow spiritually, relationally, financially, physically and emotionally. I want to help the people I develop to be better in every area of their life.

4. Help your inner circle come up with goals in each area of their life and help them reach their goals by holding them accountable. Make sure their goals will stretch them to go to the next level.

5. Help your inner circle avoid pitfalls that you have taken by sharing your wisdom and insight. Your inner circle should not make all the same mistakes you made.

More tomorrow

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