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A Couple Of Thoughts

1. This Sunday at People’s Church will be one of the, if not the most powerful Sunday we’ve ever had at People’s Church. The illustrated message is unreal. You will be deeply touched. Get ready, and come expecting God to do big things!

2. The Leadership Dinner is this Saturday at 6pm in the People’s Church auditorium. This is an RSVP only event. If you haven’t RSVP’d, do so NOW by emailing This is going to be a HISTORIC night!

Some Keys To Effective Teaching & Preaching

1. Preach the Bible.

2. Don’t preach your opinions.

3. Help people apply the Bible to their daily lives.

4. Take time to teach on issues and subjects that people are facing in their daily lives.

5. Make it your goal to make disciples.

6. Always teach and preach with love.

7. Don’t teach and preach with a condescending and negative approach.

8. Spend time praying and hearing from God about what to preach.

9. Use illustrations to help your points come alive and to help people understand and apply the message.

10. Take time to study. It takes me anywhere from 7 to 15 hours of studying, fine tuning and going over the message before I’m ready to preach it.

11. Use humor. Laughing helps people drop their guards, and it helps you connect with people.

Midwest City, Here We Come

1. I made the BIG announcement yesterday and told our church that we are starting a second People’s Church location in Midwest City. Midwest City is a suburb of Oklahoma City.

2. We are planning on having the Grand Opening for our Midwest City Campus in the fall of 2011.

3. Our second location is located in Heritage Plaza in the former Hollywood Cinema. The address is: 351 N. Air Depot Blvd.

4. The ONLY difference at the Midwest City location from the Britton location is that I will be teaching via video.

5. We have 850 people who regularly attend People’s Church living in and around the area. We believe we will start this location with UNREAL, SICK momentum.

6. Our church family is pumped! Seriously, there was an excitement and buzz yesterday. I love that our church is focused and passionate about seeing more changed lives. I’m grateful that I pastor an unselfish, Kingdom minded church. Our people are fired up about making a difference in our community!

7. People’s Church always sacrifices for those who are not here yet! We will DREAM BIG, PRAY BIG and GIVE BIG to see more changed lives.

8. People’s Church leaders, if you haven’t RSVP’d for THIS Saturday night’s Key Leaders’ Dinner at 6PM at People’s Church, do it today. You don’t want to miss this HISTORIC event. Email today so you can reserve your spot!

9. On April 17th, our church is making one-year commitments to give over and above our tithe to renovate our 25,000 square foot facility. The renovations, audio, video and lights will cost approximately $1.5 million. Let’s all pray, hear from God and give our best to see more changed lives.

10. We are receiving a Miracle Offering on April 17th. We are asking everyone to bring their best offering. We need a MIRACLE offering so that we can proceed with the project and complete it ASAP to see more changed lives! Tiffany and I always lead by example. We are giving thousands of dollars personally to the Midwest City Campus. On April 17th, we are giving half of our one-year commitment in the Miracle Offering.

11. Our best days are ahead of us! God has BIG things in store for PC! We are just getting started! Get ready, People’s Church, for the next chapter of The Dream…that EVERYONE will be saved!

The BIG People’s Church Announcement

This Sunday we are making a BIG announcement! It will be an electrifying Sunday at People’s Church! Do not MISS THIS SUNDAY! Check out this video to get a glimpse!

The Dream from People's Church on Vimeo.

Thinking Your Way To The Next Level

To get to the next level, you have to think on a higher level. Many people are trapped in an old way of thinking. They were taught stinking thinking while growing up with their family. They learned bad thinking from friends. They learned unhealthy thinking from a previous work environment. To many people, dysfunctional thinking is normal because it’s all they know, but it’s also one of the major things holding them back from going to the next level. You have to get into God’s word and let it truly transform the way you think. You have to get around people who are where you want to be, learn how they think differently from you and begin to implement that into your thought life. You have to realize that you are where you are because of how you think. If you will change your thinking and learn how to think on a higher level, your life will go to a higher level! Start thinking your way to the next level!

Ministry At A Correctional Facility

On Saturday, I had the privilege to preach at a correctional facility to men who are incarcerated. I was deeply touched as I talked to and interacted with these men. It was truly a moving and humbling experience for me.

The Chaplin did an altar call after I preached, and he did it with everyone’s eyes open and everyone looking around. Two of the men at the correctional facility made a bold move and raised their hands, walked to the front of the room and gave their lives to Christ with all of the other men watching! Afterwards, one of the men who gave his life to Christ told me his mom had been telling him that she’s praying for him and that he needed to give his life to Jesus. He had been contemplating the decision, but was scared of what some of the other men would say and that some of them would make fun of him. He told me that while I spoke, God was dealing with his heart. He knew he needed to give his life to Jesus, and on Saturday night he did just that! WOW! What an amazing God we serve! This was the highlight of my weekend.

Tommy, one of our faithful church members, ministers to men who are incarcerated on a regular basis! Tommy, thank you for your heart and passion for people who are incarcerated! Praise God for how He is using you!

Weekend Highlights

1. I had a super weekend! It was really busy, but it was awesome!

2. On Friday, I had to do a little work on a brochure that we are preparing for the People’s Church family.

3. I took the rest of Friday off and chilled with my family.

4. Tiffany and I ended Friday with a Redbox movie. This is a fun and normal Friday night routine for Tiffany and me. Love it!

5. On Saturday, many of the People’s Church family showed up to makeover the outside of Eisenhower Elementary School. Thank you to all who came out to make a difference in our community and love our city. That’s what this church is all about!

6. I went to the Eisenhower Elementary project and was blessed to spend some time serving our community, laughing and having fun with our church family.

7. The principal at Eishenhower Elementary School was so grateful that she had tears in her eyes as she thanked our team for the huge makeover we did at the school. Thank you, Jesus, that we can make an impact in our city and share Your love!

8. On Saturday, I had the priviledge to preach at a correctional facility to men who are incarcerated. More tomorrow about this experience!

9. Sunday at People’s Church was very good! Jesus is changing lives! The DOORS series was super great for our church! I’m totally psyched up for our new series kicking off Sunday called The Dream!

10. This Sunday, I’m making the BIG announcement! I’m going to tell everyone where our second People’s Church campus will be located! All I’m saying right now is that it’s in the Oklahoma City metro area. Be there Sunday for the BIG announcement and an incredible experience!

Leaders Must…

1. Listen to the people they lead

2. Learn from the people they lead

3. Listen to other leaders in and outside of their field

4. Learn from other leaders in and outside of the field

Listening and learning is key to leading for the long haul.

Questions: When was the last time you listened to and learned from somebody that you are leading? Who was the last leader in and outside of your field that you listened to and learned from? Leaders are learners!

Godly Leaders Protect Themselves pt. 2

6. A godly leader should be an open book with his or her spouse. They share all their passwords with their spouse. There are no secrets or areas that are off limits.

7. A godly leader should never talk about their spouse in a negative way with someone of the opposite sex. Personally, I don’t talk negative about my wife to anyone.

8. A godly leader should have financial accountability structures/systems set up in their life and the organization they lead.

9. A godly leader should avoid traveling out of town alone for overnight trips whenever possible. Accountability is always a good thing.

10. A godly leader’s time should be accounted for. Even when a godly leader is getting away for a couple of days to seek God, they should take one or two people with them for accountability. Accountability is always a good thing.

11. This is not a exhaustive list. My goal is to encourage you to think about how you can safeguard your life, marriage and ministry. Don’t be normal. Normal means you jack up your life with bad decisions. Go to the extreme to protect all that God has entrusted to your care!

Godly Leaders Protect Themselves

1. A godly leader must guard their life so they can live above reproach and lead strong for the long haul.

2. A godly leader should avoid being alone with the opposite sex so they can live above reproach and can safeguard their marriage.

3. A godly leader should have filters of some kind or some type of accountability with their computer.

4. A godly leader should have accountability with their iPhone or whatever kind of phone that accesses the internet.

5. A godly leader should have accountability with Facebook, Myspace, email, ect.

More Tomorrow…

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