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Weekend Highlights

1. We are on day 9 of the 14 day People’s Church fast.  Our people are pursuing God, and God is at work big time!

2. God is working in my life during this fast and for that I’m grateful.

3. The Steelers and Packers will be in the Super Bowl.  I hope the Packers win, but I think the Steelers will pull out the victory.

4. Great, relaxed weekend around the Cooper home.  My favorite.

5. Lives were transformed and changed at church.  It was a great day in God’s House!

6. I have already received several testimonies from people about yesterday’s message.  It still amazes me how the power of God’s Word touches and ministers to people right where they need it.

7. I’m really enjoying the I Quit series.

8. Our next series is called Be My Valentine.  I’m really excited to see God work in our relationships.  We have some special things planned for this series that I’m really excited about.

9. The Wednesday praise, prayer and worship experience was awesome.  If you missed it, you really missed out on a special night.  The good news is we are having another praise, prayer and worship experience this Wednesday night.  Come seek and worship the Lord with your church family.

10. I like my blog makeover.  Of course, I didn’t have anything to do with it, but I like it.  I’m blessed with a great team.

11. The church building will be open for prayer on Monday thru Friday from 6AM to 7AM and 12PM to 1PM.  Come out and seek the Lord with your church family.

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Risk Taking

1. If you don’t take risks, you think your organization will stay the same, but in actuality, it will go backwards.

2. If you don’t take risks, you won’t accomplish anything great.

3. If you don’t take risks, you won’t attract big thinkers and leaders to your organization.

4. If you don’t take risks, your vision is only a daydream.

5. If you don’t take risks, you aren’t leading your organization by faith, and we are called to be people of faith.

6. If you don’t take risks, you never stretch your faith and trust in God.

7. If you don’t take risks, you really don’t believe God is BIG and can do BIG things through little people.

8. If you come to the conclusion that you aren’t willing to take risks, get out of the way and let somebody else lead.

9. Taking risks means you don’t know exactly how things will turn out, but you can’t afford not to take the risk.

10. Go for it! Take the risk! Turn your vision into reality!

2011 Goals

1. To fall more in love with Jesus by daily studying the Bible and praying.

2. To invest in the most important earthly relationship that I have, my marriage, by going on date nights with my wife at least 3 out of 4 weeks a month and going on 4 overnight trips. It’s my goal that one of our overnight trips would be a non-work related 3-night trip together.

3. To invest in my kids by continuing to protect 5 nights a week so that I can spend time playing and hanging out with them. Also, protecting my day off to spend time with my family.

4. To get our staff and a couple of the ministries in a healthy place. I am focusing on developing more leadership depth in our staff and ministries.

5. To start another People’s Church campus in the Oklahoma City metro area to reach more people who are far from God.

6. To lay the groundwork to be able to launch a new People’s Church campus every 12 to 18 months.

7. To do at least 2 days of cardio every week along with working out 3 days a week, and to get to 185 pounds.

Weekend Highlights

1. It was great to teach God’s Word at People’s Church after two weeks off.

2. It was a powerful and inspiring day at PC!

3. Worship was great! We sang one of my favorite songs called Moving Forward.

4. The song Moving Forward went perfect with my message.

5. My message was titled I Quit Making Excuses. 2010 is over and in the books, and now it’s time to forget the past and move forward to all that God has for you in 2011.

6. The MC Hammer performance of the song Too Legit To QUIT was awesome! We have such talented people at our church. It was a great song and performance to kick off the new series.

7. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on my blog yet, but if I did, it’s worth repeating! :) I won three fantasy football championships. I made the playoffs in all six leagues. I went to the finals in four of them and brought home three gold balls. Great year of fantasy football.

8. To the staff of PC: I own you! Two fantasy football championships in a row! You people better get with it because your pastor is wearing you all out! Better luck to you peeps next year! LOL!

9. We kicked off 14 days of prayer and fasting at People’s Church yesterday. We are beginning this year with an intense pursuit of God.

10. The church building will be open for prayer Monday thru Friday from 6AM to 7AM and from 12PM to 1PM. Come spend some time praying with your church family.

11. Don’t miss the special prayer, praise, worship and teaching this Wednesday night at 7PM at People’s Church. This will be a powerful night of seeking God’s face!

12. I can’t wait for week two of I Quit! Invite everybody you know to experience the love of God!

13. I am surprised that the Seahawks beat the Saints in the playoffs. I also expected the Colts to beat the Jets. Anything can happen in the playoffs.

I Quit

People’s Church is kicking off a new teaching series on Sunday. Check out the short promo video about the series. This Sunday we are having an incredible performance of the MC Hammer song Too Legit To Quit! Don’t you dare miss this life-changing Sunday!

I Quit from People's Church on Vimeo.

Holiday Update

1. I took some time off to get refreshed and to spend quality time with my family. We had a blast together!

2. We went to two movies as a family. We saw Tangled and Yogi Bear. Our two year old son, Case, went to his first two movies. He did pretty good. He fell asleep during Yogi Bear and played during Tangled.

3. I had a slight headache before we went to see Yogi Bear and took two pain relievers. I didn’t realize they were the night time pain relievers. I don’t do well with night time pills, they knock me out. You guessed right, I fell asleep during Yogi Bear along with Case! :)

4. We went to Nebraska for 6 days and had so much fun. Tiffany’s dad, mom & sister and her family live there. Her brother also drove in from Minnesota to spend time with the family.

5. We stayed up late every night.

6. We played the card game Rook almost every night. Ty, Tiffany’s brother, and I dominated in Rook this year. We owned the card table!

7. Tiffany’s mom checked out 4 iPads and they were a huge hit with the kids and the adults. We played lots of games on them.

8. I disconnected completely from work for 4 days. I didn’t check my email, Twitter or Facebook. All of you senior pastors know that it can be extremely difficult to completely disconnect but once or twice a year I have to for my sanity.

9. Shelby Johnson, our Care Director, preached on December 26, and Troy Martin, our Executive Director of Ministries, preached on January 2. They both did a super job teaching on fasting.

10. People’s Church is starting a 14 day fast beginning January 9. You need to participate and let God do something big in your life!

11. I am kicking off a new series this Sunday called I Quit. I’m very excited for all that God is going to do during this new series!

12. I’m back at work today, and I’m ready to roll! I’m ready for 2011! It’s a new season at People’s Church! God has BIG things for us!

13. I enjoyed my extended family time so much! Tiffany and my kiddos, I love you so much! You are the best!


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