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Godly Leaders Protect Themselves pt. 2

6. A godly leader should be an open book with his or her spouse. They share all their passwords with their spouse. There are no secrets or areas that are off limits.

7. A godly leader should never talk about their spouse in a negative way with someone of the opposite sex. Personally, I don’t talk negative about my wife to anyone.

8. A godly leader should have financial accountability structures/systems set up in their life and the organization they lead.

9. A godly leader should avoid traveling out of town alone for overnight trips whenever possible. Accountability is always a good thing.

10. A godly leader’s time should be accounted for. Even when a godly leader is getting away for a couple of days to seek God, they should take one or two people with them for accountability. Accountability is always a good thing.

11. This is not a exhaustive list. My goal is to encourage you to think about how you can safeguard your life, marriage and ministry. Don’t be normal. Normal means you jack up your life with bad decisions. Go to the extreme to protect all that God has entrusted to your care!