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Weekend Highlights

1. I had a super weekend! It was really busy, but it was awesome!

2. On Friday, I had to do a little work on a brochure that we are preparing for the People’s Church family.

3. I took the rest of Friday off and chilled with my family.

4. Tiffany and I ended Friday with a Redbox movie. This is a fun and normal Friday night routine for Tiffany and me. Love it!

5. On Saturday, many of the People’s Church family showed up to makeover the outside of Eisenhower Elementary School. Thank you to all who came out to make a difference in our community and love our city. That’s what this church is all about!

6. I went to the Eisenhower Elementary project and was blessed to spend some time serving our community, laughing and having fun with our church family.

7. The principal at Eishenhower Elementary School was so grateful that she had tears in her eyes as she thanked our team for the huge makeover we did at the school. Thank you, Jesus, that we can make an impact in our city and share Your love!

8. On Saturday, I had the priviledge to preach at a correctional facility to men who are incarcerated. More tomorrow about this experience!

9. Sunday at People’s Church was very good! Jesus is changing lives! The DOORS series was super great for our church! I’m totally psyched up for our new series kicking off Sunday called The Dream!

10. This Sunday, I’m making the BIG announcement! I’m going to tell everyone where our second People’s Church campus will be located! All I’m saying right now is that it’s in the Oklahoma City metro area. Be there Sunday for the BIG announcement and an incredible experience!