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Ministry At A Correctional Facility

On Saturday, I had the privilege to preach at a correctional facility to men who are incarcerated. I was deeply touched as I talked to and interacted with these men. It was truly a moving and humbling experience for me.

The Chaplin did an altar call after I preached, and he did it with everyone’s eyes open and everyone looking around. Two of the men at the correctional facility made a bold move and raised their hands, walked to the front of the room and gave their lives to Christ with all of the other men watching! Afterwards, one of the men who gave his life to Christ told me his mom had been telling him that she’s praying for him and that he needed to give his life to Jesus. He had been contemplating the decision, but was scared of what some of the other men would say and that some of them would make fun of him. He told me that while I spoke, God was dealing with his heart. He knew he needed to give his life to Jesus, and on Saturday night he did just that! WOW! What an amazing God we serve! This was the highlight of my weekend.

Tommy, one of our faithful church members, ministers to men who are incarcerated on a regular basis! Tommy, thank you for your heart and passion for people who are incarcerated! Praise God for how He is using you!