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Midwest City, Here We Come

1. I made the BIG announcement yesterday and told our church that we are starting a second People’s Church location in Midwest City. Midwest City is a suburb of Oklahoma City.

2. We are planning on having the Grand Opening for our Midwest City Campus in the fall of 2011.

3. Our second location is located in Heritage Plaza in the former Hollywood Cinema. The address is: 351 N. Air Depot Blvd.

4. The ONLY difference at the Midwest City location from the Britton location is that I will be teaching via video.

5. We have 850 people who regularly attend People’s Church living in and around the area. We believe we will start this location with UNREAL, SICK momentum.

6. Our church family is pumped! Seriously, there was an excitement and buzz yesterday. I love that our church is focused and passionate about seeing more changed lives. I’m grateful that I pastor an unselfish, Kingdom minded church. Our people are fired up about making a difference in our community!

7. People’s Church always sacrifices for those who are not here yet! We will DREAM BIG, PRAY BIG and GIVE BIG to see more changed lives.

8. People’s Church leaders, if you haven’t RSVP’d for THIS Saturday night’s Key Leaders’ Dinner at 6PM at People’s Church, do it today. You don’t want to miss this HISTORIC event. Email today so you can reserve your spot!

9. On April 17th, our church is making one-year commitments to give over and above our tithe to renovate our 25,000 square foot facility. The renovations, audio, video and lights will cost approximately $1.5 million. Let’s all pray, hear from God and give our best to see more changed lives.

10. We are receiving a Miracle Offering on April 17th. We are asking everyone to bring their best offering. We need a MIRACLE offering so that we can proceed with the project and complete it ASAP to see more changed lives! Tiffany and I always lead by example. We are giving thousands of dollars personally to the Midwest City Campus. On April 17th, we are giving half of our one-year commitment in the Miracle Offering.

11. Our best days are ahead of us! God has BIG things in store for PC! We are just getting started! Get ready, People’s Church, for the next chapter of The Dream…that EVERYONE will be saved!