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Developing Leaders pt. 1

1. Find an inner circle of 3 to 12 people to develop and pour your life into. You can’t closely mentor and develop 30 people. Even Jesus only had 12. Be sure you choose the right people who are hungry to grow and who have the ability to lead people.

2. Meet with your inner circle at least bi-weekly for development. It takes constant interaction, coaching and feedback to develop people.

3. Developing leaders includes helping people grow spiritually, relationally, financially, physically and emotionally. I want to help the people I develop to be better in every area of their life.

4. Help your inner circle come up with goals in each area of their life and help them reach their goals by holding them accountable. Make sure their goals will stretch them to go to the next level.

5. Help your inner circle avoid pitfalls that you have taken by sharing your wisdom and insight. Your inner circle should not make all the same mistakes you made.

More tomorrow