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Developing Leaders pt. 2

6. When your inner circle makes a mistake, help them learn from the mistake so they don’t repeat it. Everybody makes mistakes, but it’s what we do with the mistakes that make us a better person.

7. Don’t just teach your inner circle what you do, teach them why you do what you do. If you only teach them what you do, you’ve got a follower. If you teach why you do what you do, you are developing a thinking leader.

8. Encourage your inner circle and inspire them to reach their God-given potential. We all need a lot of encouragement.

9. Believe in your inner circle and help them develop a godly confidence in who God has called them to be.

10. Be patient with your inner circle. Developing people is not a week or month long process. It takes time to develop people into good leaders. If you continue the development process with the right people, you will see the fruit from your investment, so stay with it and keep investing into people.