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Take Care Of Your Team pt. 2

6. Be a blessing to your team’s kids. On their birthdays, buy them a card or a gift, but whatever you do, remember and honor their kids’ birthdays.

7. Provide a card or even a gift when your team or your team’s spouse has a birthday or wedding anniversary.

8. Provide extra benefits or perks for people who have been on your team a long time. The 5 year mark, 10 year mark,15 and 20 year marks are great times to reward people for their longevity. Reward faithfulness and fruitfulness.

9. When possible, bless your team with some extra time off during the Christmas holiday season. A couple extra days off can make a huge difference in your team’s energy level, and it let’s them know that you value and care about them and their families.

10. Celebrate victories and have a blast with your team. Have staff parties. Eat together. Play fantasy football together. Go on a fun retreat together. Go to a conference together. Whatever you do, laugh a lot and have fun with your team.