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High Supervision

As a leader, you have to determine where people are on their journey and how much supervision will be required to help them develop and get their job done. This week I want to talk about three levels of supervision. Today I’m going to talk to you about High Supervision. This is a person who requires a lot of oversight. Here are some of the qualities of high supervision people:

1. You give them a task and you can’t leave them completely alone because if you do they won’t get the task done in a timely manner.

2. When you give them a task to accomplish, they are always asking for your help and wisdom. They can’t get things done on their own.

3. Some people are high supervision because when you give them a task they consistently bring you back inaccurate work so you have to constantly double check their work.

4. Some people are high supervision because they struggle to think and problem solve on their own. If things don’t happen exactly as you said, they can’t figure out another way to get it done without asking you.

5. Some people are high supervision because they lack motivation and drive. They don’t go the extra mile. If they get a task done, they don’t have the drive to find something else to do to advance the organization without you telling them.