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Medium Supervision

Today I’m going to talk about some qualities of people who require medium supervision:

1. When you give them things to accomplish, 70 percent of the time they accomplish the goals but the other 30 percent of the time they will let something slip through the cracks. When medium supervision people are in charge of something, you don’t completely rest well at night. With medium supervision people, you need some sort of wrap around communication to ensure everything got done.

2. When you give them a goal to accomplish, half the time they need your help and wisdom to get it completely done and the other half of the time they accomplish it on their own. They still rely on another leader to be able to consistently produce high level results.

3. Medium supervision people have some struggles totally thinking and problem solving on their own. Half the time they bring you problems instead of bringing you solutions.

4 Medium supervision people have motivation and drive but you find them spending their time unwisely. They work harder instead of smarter. You have to coach them on where to spend their time and energy so that they maximize their efforts and produce better results.