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Low Supervision

Today I’m going to talk about some qualities of people who require low supervision:

1. When you give low supervision people things to accomplish, they get it done. They are dependable and make it happen no matter what kind of people. Low supervision people don’t need much if any wrap around communication because they have a track record of meeting deadlines, getting their job done and producing quality results.

2. When you give them a goal to accomplish, they rarely need your help or wisdom. They don’t need a leader constantly coaching and guiding them to produce high level results. They actually lead other people to produce results and coach their own team to victory.

3. Low supervision people are great at thinking and problem solving on their own. They not only bring you solutions instead of problems, but they normally solve the problem without you ever knowing that there was a problem because they think at a high level.

4. Low supervision people have motivation and drive. These people do what’s required to produce the needed results. If it’s 40 hours in a week they make it happen, but if occasionally it requires 60 hours in a week they make it happen without being asked, because their bottom line is to produce the desired results. They are highly motivated to produce results and to advance the organization.

5. Low supervision people work smarter instead of harder. They have identified where they need to spend their time to produce consistent high quality results. They know which people they need to develop and which system or structure they need to focus on to produce great results. They focus on raising up other people to do the things that they don’t need to do so that they can focus on the things that produce the highest results for the organization. They work smarter not harder.