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Who Is A Great Leader?

Many leaders want people to join their team and they want them to be a great leader day one, but oftentimes that’s not how it works. Most people don’t come to your organization as a great leader. There are a handful that arrive as great, but many are good, average or below average leaders. The truth is, many people will join your team and they will have incredible leadership gifts that have to be mined out of them; the leadership gift is there, but it needs to be developed. Our job as leaders is to identify the people who can and will lead, and then develop them to be great leaders. From my experience, this takes a systematic approach of empowering them to lead, consistent time developing them and coaching them to be a great leader. A great way to develop leaders is to create a culture of leadership within your organization. When you create a culture of leadership it’s not just taught, but caught. At People’s Church, we are striving to create a culture of biblical leadership. We are not there yet, but we are on our way!