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Put The Church First, Not pt. 3

Here are some keys to managing home and church well and making sure you keep family as a top priority:

4. Work hard when you should be working hard: Some people say work is eating into their family time when the raw reality is when they should be working hard they are goofing off. There are people who waste hours during a work week on Facebook, personal emails, Twitter, texting and playing games on their phone and computer and then they complain that they have to take work home and don’t have time to spend with their family. You have to work hard when you should be working hard and if you will work hard when you should be working hard it will free you up to play hard when you should be playing hard.

5. Develop healthy communication with your boss: When you have good communication lines with your boss, it makes it easy for you to communicate when your workload may be too heavy or when you are struggling with how to better manage work and home life.

6. Discipline yourself to take one day off a week and replenish and connect with your family.

7. Take your vacation time every year and disconnect and have a blast with your family.

8. Take a social media break during some of your vacation.