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Spring Break With My Family

1. My family had a blast during spring break.

2. We went out of state and spent time swimming and had tons of fun together.

3. I love family trips because my kids make lasting memories that shape their life.

4. I was able to spend uninterrupted time with my family for several days in a row and I made huge investments into their love bank account.

5. One of the ways our family spells love is TIME! Quality and quantity time is always good for our family.

6. We ate bad food together! A lot of bad food! I gained weight and now I’m back on the grind of losing it! :)

7. I love enjoying life. God has blessed all of us with the gift of life and we have to enjoy the days God gives us.

8. One of the ways I enjoy life is by having the mindset that I work really hard, and then I get to play really hard. I enjoy both!

9. My family is my number one ministry behind my personal relationship with Christ and it’s always great to take a week and investment in them.

10. Today, I’m back to working hard and enjoying it! I have one life to live and I have to make it count for the glory of God!