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Turning Weaknesses Into Strength

A difficult thing for many leaders is to admit their weaknesses and then to turn their weakness into a strength. No matter how great of a leader you are, you have weaknesses and leadership flaws. All of us have weaknesses. Do you know your weak areas? Are you honest with yourself and others about areas where you are not gifted? Are you honest about your leadership flaws? Or do you put up a front and try make everybody around you think that you have it all together? Notice, I used the word front because many people recognize your weaknesses even if you are unwilling to admit them. They may never say anything to you but they see right through your front. I want to encourage you to be brutally honest about your leadership weaknesses. Take 15 minutes today to reflect on your weaknesses and the leadership flaws that could be holding you and your organization back from going to the next level. Tomorrow, I want to share some of my leadership weaknesses and then on Thursday I want to share how I try to turn those weaknesses into a strength so that my leadership flaws don’t hinder what God wants to do at People’s Church.