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My Weaknesses

I have many of them but I will name some that immediately come to mind.

1. I’m not great with systems. I love to dream and cast vision but I’m weak with putting the systems in place to make the vision happen.

2. I’m an introvert that disguises it well with good people skills but I like to be alone and it can be a hindrance.

3. I see things as black and white and not in shades of gray so most things are either right or wrong.

4. I speak my mind with passion and you always know where you stand and it can come across as being abrasive.

5. I can be insensitive with people.

6. I’m impatient with people and want results now.

7. I have a hard time trusting people.

8. I naturally think worst case scenario when something is presented to me.

9. I can make something really small a really big deal.

10. I don’t like surprises or changes and I can get highly irritated when they happen.

Ok, that’s enough about my weaknesses, what about you? Stop thinking, wow, Herbert is jacked up and be brutally honest about your weaknesses and leadership flaws. Tomorrow, I want to share with you about how to turn weaknesses into strengths.