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Back To Back Record Weekends

People’s Church just experienced back to back record setting weekend attendance and salvations! Easter was amazing and this Sunday with Rev Run was amazing! Let me share some thoughts and lessons about back to back record weekends.

1. It takes a lot of planning behind the scenes to coordinate and pull off back to back record setting weekends with the video elements and performances we did.

2. It takes amazingly committed and unselfish volunteers who understand that it’s all about more changed lives. Our church family stepped up in a wonderful way, and because of their continued hearts to serve our city, lives were changed.

3. Many, many people attended on Saturday night, 8:30AM or 1PM to free up seats in our 10AM and 11:30AM service times! Once again our people understand and are passionate about more changed lives and I’m grateful that they have caught the vision and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach people far from God.

4. Our staff has worked like crazy to pull off these amazing back to back record setting weekends. I want to say a HUGE thank you to our staff! Because of all of your hard work, more lives were changed and over 900 people gave their lives to Jesus! You all are superstars and Tiffany and I love you all!

5. Record setting weekends reveal areas that we need to improve. It’s always a good thing to see the areas that need to be improved so that we can now make the changes so that more lives will be changed. We don’t ever want a broken system to stop us from reaching more people for Jesus.

6. I give all glory to God! We pray, we fast, we work hard, we plant seeds but ONLY God brings the harvest and changes lives! I’m thanking God for His power moving in a mighty way in our services!

7. This next Sunday is week 3 of our series Run To The House! Connect 4: Be at church 4 weeks in a row! This Sunday we are giving away thousands of prizes including flat screen televisions, $100 gas cards, Rev Run autographed gear & Adidas shoes and MUCH MUCH more! If you will Run to God’s house, God will change your house!!