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The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done pt. 2

6. I was unaware of the pride that was in my heart and planting People’s Church stripped away the pride I had developed as a traveling preacher who was used to receiving praise from people.

7. I still have areas of insecurity, but when we started People’s Church I was big time insecure. Identifying, being honest and allowing God to rip away my hindering insecurities was a painful process.

8. Building a committed, faithful, godly, trustworthy and productive staff has been one of the greatest challenges in ministry. I am now surrounded with a great team, but it has come with a huge price, huge lessons and huge mistakes.

9. Raising money to buy land and build two multi-million dollar buildings was very difficult for me personally. I was under attack, spiritual attack. I grew weary and tired and just realized that in the early days of buying land and building buildings it was a lot of stinking work. I was drained. My wife was drained, my staff was drained. God blessed our efforts, but it was extremely hard work.

10. Dealing with difficult people was an extremely tough lesson for me to learn. I use to allow difficult people to hold me hostage in areas, mess with my thinking and cause minor issues in the church. It took several lessons of learning the hard way for me to figure out how to lovingly deal with and handle difficult people.

The bottom line is church planting is the toughest thing I’ve ever done. My wife and I love it because we are called by God and we are fulfilling God’s assignment for our life. It’s a joy to serve God’s people, to reach people far from God and to see people grow in their faith. It is truly the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I LOVE MY JOB and wouldn’t want to do anything else!!!