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Monday Morning Blues

I’m tired this morning. Last week was an exceptionally busy week, plus I had an exceptionally busy weekend. I also didn’t sleep well on Saturday night, and that is definitely a factor of why I feel tired this morning. I also spoke last night for a pastor friend of mine in the Oklahoma City metro area to help his church raise funds to pay off their land and to move forward with building their new facility. It’s always an honor to partner with other churches to help them accomplish the great commission.

This morning I’m spending some time with my family. My boys love for me to do what they call “The Claw” to them (this means grab their belly and tickle them with one hand). They learned this from their grandpa, and now, it’s their favorite game with their daddy.

Well, I better get back to playing with my boys and get ready to head to the gym and then to a lunch appointment.