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Yesterday, Channel 9 News came to People’s Church to interview me about the subject of worry. They are airing a story on Monday, February 19th, on worry. They asked me to talk about the subject of worry from a Christ follower’s/pastor’s point-of-view. The interview got me thinking about why we worry. Jesus addresses the cause and the cure of worry in Matthew Chapter 6. The primary cause of worry is not trusting God. We worry because we try to be self-reliant instead of God-reliant. Humanity was not designed to operate independently from God. God created us to be dependent on Him; so when we try to deal with the problems and pressures of life on our own, worry starts to creep in. The thing that we often times forget is that Matthew 6:27 reminds us that worry is useless. Worrying can’t add a single hour to our lives. Worrying can’t change our circumstances. Worrying can’t change people. Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything positive in our lives. Let’s commit together not to worry, and instead, let’s trust God. God is always faithful to meet all of our needs when we put Him first.