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I’m very much into reading books. I’m always growing and learning. Right now I’m reading The Seven Practices Of Effective Ministry by Andy Stanley and The Difference Maker by John Maxwell. Both are great reads. I wish I would have read Andy Stanley’s book before I planted People’s Church. It would have kept me from a lot of headaches. At least I’m learning some things that our team can implement into our ministries to take us to the next level.

I finished up my weekend message yesterday. I really think it’s going to help a lot of people. Waiting is one of the most difficult issues we deal with in life. Think about all the things you are or have had to wait for (job, promotion, degree, spouse, car, house, salvation of a loved one, friend, and the list goes on and on). This weekend we’re going to learn how to properly wait on and also receive all that God has for us. You don’t want to miss this weekend because WE ARE ALL WAITING ON SOMETHING!

Today is my family day and family date night! I’m PUMPED UP TO HANG WITH THE FAMILY! SEE YOU THIS WEEKEND!