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The Routine Tuesday

First thing this morning I went to the gym and worked out. I’m trying my best to stay in shape :) . After my work out, I went to Starbucks to read my bible and then prepared for my two staff meetings. I had my normal executive meeting with Brian and Josh and then had a 2 hour meeting with the rest of the Leadership Staff. As usual, it was a fun and vision filled staff meeting. Our entire staff is pumped up about the season our church is in. We have lots of exciting stuff on the horizon. This weekend is Pain Killer and Sunday night is Community Group University (THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO MEET SOME NEW PEOPLE, EAT SOME GREAT FOOD AND GET CONNECTED IN A COMMUNITY GROUP). Next weekend is the Devastation Giveaway and the Baptismal Bash. If you’re a Christ follower and you haven’t been baptized in water, be sure to get signed up ASAP. The first weekend in May you will have the opportunity to get plugged into a ministry at our Ministry Fair. Mother’s Day weekend is our 5th year Anniversary Celebration. We have some very special things planned for these exciting services (VERY VERY SPECIAL). I can’t tell you all the fun stuff we have planned, but trust me, you will not want to miss Mother’s Day weekend. We’re going to party like its 1999!

Weekend Update

1. We had great services this weekend. 39 people made a decision to follow Christ. THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT! It’s a great feeling knowing every week People’s Church is playing a major part in snatching people out of darkness.

2. If you have recently made a decision to follow Christ or you simply want to know more about the bible and having a vibrant relationship with Christ, don’t miss Starting Point. Starting Point is an eight week Community Group/Class where you will learn about living for God and you will be able to ask questions. This is a great environment to EXPLORE FAITH AND EXPERIENCE COMMUNITY. Starting Point begins this Wednesday night at 7pm at People’s Church.

3. One of our members who grew up in church and has heard tons of preaching throughout his life told me that the message this weekend was the best he has ever heard. That was a great compliment! I always appreciate the kind words from our church family. So many of you encourage my family by praying for us and sharing with us how God is changing your life through People’s Church. Thanks for being such a loving church family. YOU FOLKS ARE THE BEST.

4. I thought our video and lighting team did a great job this weekend. There were a lot of transitions that they had to be ready for. If you noticed, I never said please start the video. Which means they had to pay close attention to what I was saying (no day dreaming), and of course they followed their cues precisely. Our entire staff works extremely hard to have GREAT services EVERY week, not just on Easter. EVERY WEEKEND AT PEOPLE’S CHURCH IS EASTER because every weekend people need the Lord.

5. Let’s get ready because another life changing weekend is right around the corner! This weekend’s message is titled Pain Killer. You, your friends and family will learn how to deal with the devastation of hurt and pain. INVITE EVERY ONE YOU KNOW TO EXPERIENCE GOD THIS WEEKEND AT PEOPLE’S CHURCH!

I Love Fridays

Today is my day off so I laid in bed until almost 8AM. Of course, with small kids I didn’t get to sleep in until 8AM. The kids woke us up around 7AM but it was very nice to lay in bed and listen to the rain and the thunder for an hour. Cale says the thunder is, “The sky talking.” Cade, my youngest son, laid on my chest for about 20 minutes. I think he was a little scared of the thunder but maybe he just needed some daddy time. Either way, it was fun to cuddle with my little small fry guy.

Cale is super excited about our family date night tonight. He woke up talking about it. I’m very excited to hang out with my family today. Besides a couple of errands I have to run, I think we will spend the majority of the day at home relaxing. This evening we will go grab a bite to eat and maybe come back home and watch the movie Cars. That’s my boys’ favorite movie. They love to watch it over and over again.

I really adore my family. When it comes to my wife and kids, love is spelled T-I-M-E! I make lots of time for my family because after my relationship with Christ they are my top priority. The best way that I lead People’s Church is by having a healthy family that loves God and loves people. ARE YOU SPENDING QUALITY AND QUANTITY TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY?

Random Thoughts

1. My boy Sanjaya made it through another round. You go boy! Brian, our programming director at People’s Church, is rooting for Sanjaya to win it all. When you see Brian this weekend, tell him he’s crazy :)! I’m still rooting for Blake or Melinda. This week I liked Blake the best! I want to hear him beep box again.

2. I’m watching cartoons with my boys this morning. Cade is sitting in the chair with me right now. He’s my little blog helper. What inspiration he is. Caris is sleeping in her swing and Cale is sitting on the floor. We are watching Curious George.

3. Tonight I’m taking my wife on a super hot date. I’m really looking forward to taking my sweet thang out to eat. She’s the love of my life and my absolute best friend. It’s so fun to continue to fall in love with her. We will be married 10 years this year. Wow, how time flies!

4. You are going to love the videos in my message this weekend. My message titled The Pursuit Of Happyness is going to bless, inspire and encourage so many people. Invite EVERYBODY you know and don’t you miss this weekend.

5. I’m really enjoying my Community Group. We have been discussing a book called The Difference Maker. It’s really been a great book. I really enjoy hanging out with the guys in my Community Group. They sharpen my life and ministry.

6. If you’re not involved in a Community Group, get plugged in at Community Group University. Community Group University will be held on April 22 at 6PM at People’s Church. It’s a two hour event that’s designed to help you get to know other people and get connected in a Community Group. Get off the side lines and get plugged into a group. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Exciting Events On The Horizon

The next six weeks are very important for our church. We are experiencing incredible momentum. We need to pray like crazy and work like nuts to help people connect to God and to others. Please be in prayer and preparation for the following events:

1. Community Group University on April 22: This event will be held at People’s Church at 6PM. This is a two hour event designed to help people who are not involved in a Community Group to get connected in one. You will be able to meet new people, Community Group Leaders, eat food, watch cool videos and pick a Community Group to get involved in. If you’re not involved in a Community Group, this event is for you. DON’T MISS IT! The heartbeat of People’s Church is our small group ministry where people build friendships, care for each other, keep each other accountable and grow spiritually. Quit putting it off and get connected. Your life will never be the same if you’ll just do it! Let’s pray for hundreds to get connected through this event!

2. Baptismal Bash on April 28 & 29: We will be baptizing people in all five weekend services. If you are a Christian and haven’t been baptized in water, you need to. This is a very important step in your journey with Christ. If you want to live under God’s best blessings, you need to be obedient to His command to be baptized in water. It’s going to be a SUPER FUN WEEKEND as you make a public profession of your faith! Get signed up for this event ASAP!

3. Ministry Fair on May 5 & 6: You will have the opportunity to sign up for and get plugged into one of the awesome ministries at People’s Church. You will sense purpose for your life like never before when you begin using your gifts and talents to impact people’s lives for the cause of Christ. I’m so excited to see hundreds more serving others and making a difference for God through the local church.

4. 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY on May 12 & 13: Don’t MISS THIS WEEKEND FOR ANYTHING! We will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in style. We have some really cool and special things planned for this celebration! God has been so good to People’s Church! We’re going to have a blast!!

Oh yea, on April 28 & 29 we will be giving away our Dealing With Devastation Giveaway to an individual or family. I’m very pumped up about blessing someone who has been through the fire with a relaxing vacation. This is a great way for our church to show the love of Christ to hurting people. If you know someone who has recently experienced a devastation, go to and tell us about it.

Staff Meeting

We had a great staff meeting today. We spent the first 15 minutes thanking God for being so good and faithful to us, our families and People’s Church. We also prayed for each other and then we all stood up and just began to raise our voices to God in praise and thanksgiving. All of our staff realizes that what’s happening at People’s Church is a God thing. God gets all the credit! God is the only one who deserves and gets the GLORY AND PRAISE!

In our Creative Team Meeting we planned out the videos for the message this coming weekend. I’m excited about speaking on the subject of The Pursuit Of Happyness . I’m glad I have such a sharp Creative Team. These people help to make the weekend messages come alive. I’m really believing God to do some wonderful things in the hearts of people this weekend.

I need you to do two things:

1. Pray for God to change lives!

2. Invite people who need to experience the life changing power of Christ!

I love being the pastor of People’s Church! It’s such an honor to pastor a church that’s so unified and full of vision to impact the nations! THANKS FOR BEING SUCH A WONDERFUL CHURCH!

Easter Weekend Highlights

1. We had 2125 people in attendance this weekend! 91 PEOPLE INVITED CHRIST TO BE THE LORD OF THEIR LIFE! I’m humbled and amazed by what God is doing at People’s Church. What we are seeing at People’s Church is not normal. This is a genuine move of God!

2. I want to say a big thank you to our staff. They worked very hard to make this weekend a home run. I thought the videos were off the chart! Especially the video of Christ being crucified while Brian was singing I’m Forgiven. It was truly a HOLY moment! I’m so blessed to have such a great team around me. Thanks guys and gals for putting up with such a driven goof ball like me. I LOVE YOU AND CAN’T, NOR DO I WANT, TO DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!

3. I want to say an EXTRA BIG THANK you to all of our volunteers who made this weekend happen. Some of you put in hours of service to make this weekend one of the best ever in the almost 5 year history of People’s Church. You went above the call of duty. Your love for people and your love to see people connected to our loving Savior is infectious. THANK YOU FOR SERVING! YOU’RE INCREDIBLE!

4. I have to say a big thank you to many of you for busting a move to Saturday night services. We had over 700 people in our two Saturday night services this weekend. Way to go People’s Church. WE REALLY NEED MANY OF YOU TO MAKE A COMMITMENT TO ATTEND THE SATURDAY NIGHT SERVICES EVERY WEEKEND. You can serve in one service and worship in the other. The only way we can grow to over 2000 people, in our current facility, is by many of you attending on Saturdays so that we can free up seats for more people to attend on Sundays. Thank you for your passion to reach more people with the good news of Christ! THERE’S MANY MORE PEOPLE WHO NEED TO EXPERIENCE FORGIVENESS THROUGH CHRIST!

5. This coming up weekend is going to be awesome. My message title is The Pursuit Of Happyness! Your family and friends will not want to miss this encouraging message! Start inviting everybody you know!

Easter Thoughts

We serve a risen Savior! He’s alive! It’s incredible to think about the fact that we serve and personally know the creator of the entire universe. He’s our God. He’s our Daddy. I’m so excited to gather with my church family this weekend and worship our King!

Please be praying for many lives to be changed this weekend.

Invite EVERYBODY you know!


Please attend one of our Saturday night services @ 5PM & 6:30PM!

Have I said that I’m pumped about this weekend?

Random Thoughts

1. I’m pumped up for our services this weekend. EASTER WEEKEND IS GOING TO BE INCREDIBLE!

2. My boy, Sanjaya, made it through another round on American Idol. He wasn’t even in the bottom three. That boy can sang!!

3. Why does Criminal minds keep showing re-runs? Two weeks in a row! I don’t know what the deal is but they need to get with it. It’s me and my wife’s favorite show on TV! Quit showing re-runs please!

4. I’m going to wear a purple and blue suit for Easter with shoes to match. It was tough, but I did find some fly purple and blue shoes. I even found a purple and blue hat. I just have to find the socks to match (if you believe this, you don’t know me very well). :)

5. My Easter message is coming together very nicely! I love to teach God’s word!

6. Be sure to invite EVERYBODY you know to our Easter weekend services!

7. We need MANY of you to attend our Saturday night services to free up seats, kids space and prime parking spaces for our Sunday services. It would be rude of us to invite guests to our church and not make room for them. It would be down right wrong for us to invite people who need Christ and not have a place for them to hear a clear presentation of the gospel! ATTEND SATURDAY NIGHT SERVICES!

8. Remember to park in the overflow parking lot to give all of our guests the best parking spaces. Our staff actually parks across the street every Sunday and in the gravel parking lot on Saturdays. You will never see me with a parking space right in front of the building that says reserved for pastor. Whatever! The best parking spaces should always be for our guests.

9. I love Tiffany, Cale, Cade and Caris. That’s the Cooper Clan! You GUYS ARE THE BEST!!


Who Are You Inviting?

Statistics say that most people will go to church, especially on Easter weekend, if someone would ask them to. Have you asked anybody to join you for our 5 identical Easter weekend services? You should be asking EVERYBODY you know to come with you on Easter to experience the love of Christ. If you haven’t asked anybody to come with you to church, my question to you is why? What’s the hold up? What’s the delay? What are you waiting for?

Common Reasons People Don’t Invite Others To Church:

1. Fear of rejection: I would invite the people I know to come to church, but what if they tell me no? You’re asking yourself the wrong question. The right question is, “What if they tell me yes? What if they come and their life is changed forever by the power of Christ? Quit thinking negatively and start thinking positively! If you just ask, you’ll be very surprised to find out that you will get a lot more yeses than nos, so go for it!

2. Hypocrite: I would invite the people I know to come to church with me, but they know I don’t live what I believe. If I talk about church, people will look at me like I’m crazy because my life is not all together. Let me remind you of something, THIS ISN’T ABOUT YOU! It’s about Christ. It’s about inviting people to experience Christ. So what, God is still working on you. Don’t let that stop you from inviting people to experience the grace and mercy of our heavenly Father!

3. Shy: I would invite people to come to church with me, but I’m too shy. Listen, this isn’t about standing on street corners with a megaphone and inviting people to church. You need to be inviting people you have relationship with, not total strangers on the street corner. Invite people you talk to about life, sports, American Idol, your career and relationships, change the subject and bring up what God has done in your life and how church is really helping you. Just tell them, “You have to come with me this weekend to church because my church is awesome.” Invite people you already have relationship with!

4. I Don’t Care: I would invite the people I know to come to church with me, but I don’t really care if they spend eternity separated from God. Come on, don’t you care that your family, friends, co-workers, students or neighbors don’t know Christ? Don’t you care that they’re lost without God? Don’t you care about their eternal destination? I’m praying right now that God would touch your heart and give you compassion for people like never before.

Our staff is praying like crazy for this weekend. We are also working like crazy on this weekend’s services. They are going to be PHENOMENAL! PEOPLE’S CHURCH, START INVITING EVERYBODY YOU KNOW, AND YOU DON’T DARE MISS IT FOR ANYTHING!