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A Must Hear Message For Church Staff Members

People’s Church’s Student Ministry Director, Chris Smith, taught a powerful message on Sunday at People’s Church. He talked about submitting to authority, unity and how to follow the senior pastor’s vision. I encourage every pastor to have your staff watch this message and then have a time of discussion afterwards. It could be a game changer for your ministry.

Weekend Highlights

1. I was recently asked to serve on the board of Evangel University, my alma mater, by President Robert Spence and I accepted this new assignment. Since I am on the board of directors, my family drove to Springfield, MO for the Evangel Homecoming weekend.

2. We also attended the homecoming weekend because one of our good friends, Dr. Greg Mundis, a former member and board member of People’s Church received Alumni of the year award. It was so great to see Greg and Lesley Mundis. They were a vital part of the People’s Church family and we miss them dearly since they moved to San Diego two to three years ago.

3. The Evangel University football team won! YES!

4. My OU SOONERS whooped Texas! A double YES, YES!

5. It was great seeing a lot of old friends at Evangel. I’m very grateful for all of them.

6. I missed being at People’s Church on Sunday and look forward to being back this Sunday!

7. I have a chance to win in all 6 of my fantasy football leagues. Last week I won in five leagues.

8. I worshipped yesterday at one of the live online experiences at If you are ever out of town or home sick, this is a great tool to stay engaged with what God is doing at PC!

5 Habits of Parenting

Here are 5 habits that Tiffany and I consistently do with our kids to impact their life in a positive way.

1. We speak positive words to them every day. We tell them we love them, they’re awesome, they’re smart, they’re precious and the list goes on and on of the positive words we speak to our kids on a daily basis.

2. We hug our kids every day. The Cooper family is an affectionate family. We do a lot of hugging and kissing in our family and I lead the way.

3. We pray with our kids individually every night before bed. We also have our kids say a prayer every night before bedtime. We are teaching our kids the importance of prayer.

4. We discipline our kids consistently. Our kids know the rules and if they cross the line we consistently discipline them. We rarely have a problem with our kids misbehaving in public because we discipline them in private. Kids are confused when parents try to discipline them in public but let them misbehave in private.

5. We let our kids be kids. We have never made our kids do something or act a certain way because they are the pastor’s kids. Our kids don’t even know what it means to be the pastor’s kid. They know daddy preaches and daddy and momma work at People’s Church, but they have never felt pressure to be somebody they are not because dad and mom are senior pastor’s of a church.

Small Things Are The Big Things

Sometimes in life we can begin to focus on what we think are the big things in life, but in actuality, the small things are the big things. If we take care of the small things, everything else will fall into place.

1. Love God and spend time getting to know Him.

2. Pray, worship and read your bible daily.

3. Be a person of integrity. Don’t live a double life.

4. Do what you say you are going to do. You are no better than your word.

5. Treat people right. Love people even when it’s difficult.

6. Forgive people all the time. We live in a fallen world and people will hurt you. Forgive constantly.

7. Stay in love with your spouse. Go on date nights and overnight trips without the kids and communicate about life, struggles, fears, goals and dreams. Have sex often. Keep the romance alive in your marriage.

8. Spend quality time with your kids. Make one day a week family day. Eat dinner around the table as a family as much as possible. Go to your kids’ activities and games. Talk to your kids and know what’s going on in their lives.

9. Model in front of your kids how you want them to live.

10. Go to church, serve in a ministry and go to a small group weekly. These disciplines will revolutionize your spiritual life.

11. Tithe and give offerings, spend less than you make, pay your bills on time, get out of consumer debt and stay out. Keep your financial world in order.

12. Work hard at your job and do it with a great attitude.

13. Enjoy every day. Every day is a gift from God that we can never take for granted. Enjoy it.

Weekend Highlights & More

1. Last week I met 3 senior pastor friends in Dallas and we went to the Monday night football game. We had a blast and I learned a lot from these men of God.

2. On Thursday of last week, I had to make a quick trip to New York for a brainstorming session with some great leaders from around the nation. We discussed how we can more effectively start more churches across the nation. There are some very exciting possibilities. I flew back home on Friday.

3. I didn’t leave home all day on Saturday. I needed the rest after a busy week of travel and I wanted to conserve energy to preach 4 Sunday experiences at People’s Church.

4. We had a great Sunday at People’s Church. We baptized around 120 people! It’s so exciting to see all the lives that are being changed by the power of God! I’m so honored to pastor PC!

5. Many people gave their lives to Christ yesterday!

6. The new series, Authority Issues, kicked off yesterday. This is going to be a super awesome series for the PC family.

7. The Dallas Cowboys lost. Bummer! Romo has to pull things together and stop the turnovers.

8. I will win in 5 of my fantasy football leagues and have a very slim chance to win in my 6th league. I’m only up by seven in my last league and my opponent has a running back playing tonight.

9. Boomer Sooner! My Sooners are looking good and face a tough test against Texas!

Authority Issues

I’m kicking off a powerful series called Authority Issues this Sunday! This is going to be an impactful and life changing series! Check out the great promo video!

Sunday Is Baptismal Bash

If you have given your life to Chirst and have not been baptized in water, this Sunday is just for you! Go public for Jesus and let everyone know that Jesus is your Lord! You can be baptized at either campus in any experience! Email today!

DASH: Nicky Cruz

Yesterday we showed this video to set up the sermon tilted Influence as we concluded our series DASH!

Herbert And Tiffany Cooper Vision Video

What I Look For In A Leader

Yesterday, I had a developing leaders Q&A session with some of our staff.  They asked some super, great questions. One of the questions I answered was “what do I look for when I’m picking volunteer or staff leaders”. Here are two of the qualities that I look for before choosing someone to be a leader.

1. Faithfulness: I look for people who are faithful to attend church, faithful to serve in a ministry, faithful to tithe and give offerings, faithful to attend a Community Group or our mid-week Bible study, faithful to do what’s asked of them and faithful to live for Jesus. Faithfulness is a key quality that a leader must possess.

2. Good attitude and spirit: I look for people who have a positive attitude, who aren’t whiners, who aren’t negative, who get along with people, who are likeable, who are humble and who are teachable. When I’m around somebody, I ask myself, “Do I like this person and desire to be around them?” There are some people that I love, but I would never want to work closely with them because they don’t have a good attitude and spirit. A good attitude and spirit are key to being a good leader.



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