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Leadership Lessons Pt. 4

12. Keep the main thing the main thing. You won’t find a church doing everything well. You may find a church trying to do everything, but they are not doing everything well. It’s impossible! You won’t find one company doing everything well. The hamburger joint doesn’t try to serve Mexican food. They could, but they wouldn’t do it well. You have to find out what God wants you to do and keep it the main thing. Successful churches and organizations have extreme focus. They keep the main thing the main thing!

13. Keep the vision simple and clear. The bigger People’s Church gets and the more staff we hire, the more I have to fight with keeping the vision simple and clear. At People’s Church, we stop doing more things than we start. We have to constantly subtract and not just add to. Once again, focus is key to making an incredible impact. Most organizations lack focus. You must keep your vision simple and clear.

14. Let your team take ownership of the vision. Our Tuesday staff meetings are long. I meet with my Executive Team for 1 hour every Tuesday. Twice a month I have lunch with them for 2 hours. I meet with the Leadership Team every Tuesday after the executive meeting for about 2 hours. You’re thinking, “what in the world are you talking about in all of these meetings?” Well, I believe in having a team not employees. I don’t just bark out orders during our staff meetings. We talk; we debate; we even argue (in a nice way). We get gut level honest about what’s working and what’s not working at People’s Church. Developing a team that has ownership of the vision takes time. It takes allowing everybody on the team to give their input. Everybody must feel that their opinion matters. At People’s Church, we really do have a team approach. Our team has ownership of the vision. It’s not my vision; it’s OUR VISION!

Leadership Lessons Pt. 3

8. Not everybody will support your vision. I was very naive in my first 2 or 3 years of leading People’s Church. I thought everybody would love and support the vision that God gave me. Over the last 2 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that not everybody will support my vision. You can’t waste all of your time and energy trying to convince people who don’t support the vision. That’s called crazy leadership. You have to get over it and get over it quickly to do what God has called you to do. Spend your time and energy on the 99 percent of people who do support the vision and not on the 1 percent who don’t.

9. Focus on what you do best and on what adds the most value to the organization and delegate the rest. To lead a growing church or organization, you must master the art of delegation. To go up, you must give up.

10. You have to say “no” 95 percent of the time. You can’t do what God has called you to do and say “yes” to everybody and every opportunity that arises. There’s no way I can go to lunch with everybody, go out to dinner with every family at People’s Church, speak at all the engagements I receive, take every phone call that comes to the office or meet with everybody who wants to meet with me. I guess I could, but my wife wouldn’t be happy and People’s Church would hate my sermons, because of the lack of preparation. I’ve learned that I have to say “no” most of the time. I have to say “no” to what’s good, so I can focus on what’s best. If you don’t control your schedule, other people and circumstances will.

11. You must take risks. If you are not doing things that if God doesn’t show up, you’re going to fall on your face, you’re not taking risks. Leaders are risk takers. Leaders are always out front. That’s why they’re leaders. Quit playing it safe, take some risks and just watch God show up!

Leadership Lessons Pt. 2

6. We must make church relevant for the un-churched. The reason so many people drive by our churches every single day and don’t ever think about coming inside to check things out is because most churches aren’t relevant. I’m not advocating that People’s Church has it all figured out, because we don’t, but we work EXTREMELY hard to create a church and services that are relevant to the un-churched. We are very bold to speak the uncompromising truths of the Bible. We just strive to do it in a relevant, fun and creative way. Honestly, it takes a lot more work to speak and create a relevant worship service that will attract the un-churched and encourage the believer at the same time. The easy way out is just to have church for church people. I can do that with very little effort.

Yesterday, in church, a couple told me, “This church is different. We aren’t used to church being like this.” I’m not 100 percent sure of what they meant by that comment, but I have a pretty good idea. They meant this church is relevant. This church spoke to my heartfelt needs. This church convicted me and encouraged me to live for God. This church was actually fun and life-changing at the same time. This church did things with excellence. This church was a place where I felt comfortable enough to bring my friends and family. This couple finished their statement by saying, “We will be back.” We must work like crazy to make church relevant for everybody. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost; how about His church?

7. Deep is doing not just knowing. I get tired of people telling me how deep they are; just live for God. Deep is living the Christian faith not just knowing a lot about God. Deep is being humble not being a know it all. Deep is being a servant not being a puffed up Christian. Deep is helping others know and grow in their relationship with Christ not the self-centered mentality we see from so many Christians: feed Me, bless ME, help ME, it’s all about me mentality. Deep is living the truth you already know. Friends, DEEP IS DOING! Let’s live the Bible and not try to impress each other with all of this deep stuff. LOVE GOD AND LOVE PEOPLE!

I will leave you with those two leadership lessons today. That’s a lot to chew on for one day. Have a super duper Monday!

Leadership Lessons

I thoroughly enjoy being a leader, especially a spiritual leader. I love seeing God change lives. To continue to develop my leadership skills, I’m constantly reading books, listening to cds of other leaders and spending time with great leaders. I’m on a pursuit to be the best leader I can be for God. Over the next week, I’m going to be sharing some lessons I have learned on my leadership journey.

1. Those closest to you will determine your success.

2. Lead through leaders, not through followers. Leaders multiply, followers add.

3. Keep the vision white hot. Vision leaks, so you have to communicate it often.

4. Don’t pay too much attention to people who say, “People have been complaining about…” “People” means them and a friend the vast majority of the time (about 99 percent of the time).

5. Surround yourself with positive people.

You don’t want to miss this weekend! Moses is on a comeback! If you can, come to one of the Saturday night services and free up some seats for our guests to connect with God on Sunday. Saturday night services are going very well. We had over 450 this past Saturday, and people gave their life to Christ in both services. Come on Saturday night and enjoy sleeping in on Sunday morning!


Right now while I’m typing, I’m watching the Hugley Town Heroes cartoon with my two sons. They woke up early this morning, so we are blogging and checking out the toons at the same time. My two sons wake up early in the morning very happy. Cale, my oldest son, came into the living room when he woke up and said to me, “I want to see Mommy”. Of course, I didn’t let him go into our bedroom and bother his mom while she was still resting. Staying home and investing in the three Cooper kids everyday is a full-time job for Tiffany. So while I’m home, I like her to get all the rest she can. After the family is all situated, I’m going to give most of the day and most of my think-time to crafting this weekend’s message titled, The Comeback Kid.

This weekend’s message is going to be fun, inspiring and life-changing. Moses is on a comeback. Just like Mo, we’ve all failed. We’ve all encoutered setbacks. We’ve all blown it. We’ve all made some mistakes. The awesome thing about God is that He is a God of second chances. Mo made an incredible comeback and led an entire nation out of captivity. He went from a zero to a hero. Friends, no matter what you’ve done or what you’ve been through, there’s hope. You can make a comeback. You can go from a zero to a hero, just like Moses. Be sure to invite a friend or family member to experience God at People’s Church this weekend. They will leave closer to God!

My youngest son just climbed into my lap and put his head in between my arms. He wants all of my attention. This daddy better quit typing and give these two little fellows my undivided attention for a little while.

Loving People

As a pastor, I meet a lot of people every single week. I meet happy people, sad people, nice people, mean people, loving people and hateful people. My favorite people to encounter are controlling and manipulative people. They are so fun to interact with :). One thing the Lord has taught me, or should I say is continually teaching me, in my almost 5 years of being a Senior Pastor is how to love people (5 years in May). I really love people and want the best for them. I even love people who don’t like me or People’s Church. I really love people who disagree with me and my approach and philosophy of ministry. I’ve come to the conclusion that not everybody will like me. No matter what I do, not everybody will agree with me. Some people will even talk negatively about me, and they really don’t even know me. The awesome news is that I still have the choice and power to respond in love to every person, no matter what. I want to encourage you to be a lover not a fighter. Be a peace maker not a trouble maker. Be the solution not the problem. Be a friend not an enemy. Be a fire fighter not a fire lighter. No matter what happens to you, respond in love. Our mandate as Christians is to LOVE GOD AND LOVE PEOPLE. As you well know, that’s easier said than done. Let’s do it!

Exciting Day

I’ve been off and running today. I’ve already been to the gym. I’ve had my devotions at Starbucks with a great cup of coffee. Now I’m getting ready for my Executive Team Meeting with our Director of Operations and our Program Director. After this hour to hour and a half meeting, I’ll be meeting with our entire staff.

I really enjoy Tuesdays. It’s one of my favorite days of the week. I get to hang out with our staff and develop and encourage them. I guess it pays to have a staff that you really like and get along with. I’m a big believer that ministry flows best out of relationships. Our staff is very tight-knit. We all get along very well. We all share the same vision. We are a very unified team, just like our church family! Well, I better keep this short and get ready for my meeting in about 10 minutes. I hope your day is as exciting as mine!

Weekend Update

We had a phenomenal weekend at People’s Church. We had 1645 people in attendance. The most exciting news is that we had 45 people who made a decision to follow Jesus Christ. Church family, you never cease to amaze me. You are so passionate about bringing your friends and family to People’s Church to connect with God. Be sure to follow up with your friends and family this week to see if they enjoyed their experience at People’s Church and to see if you can answer any questions about their relationship with Christ or the church. Let’s stay passionate about reaching people for Christ.

I trust that you left the weekend’s service fired up about conquering your insecurities, fears and inadequacies and fulfilling your God given purpose. You have what it takes to be the great spouse, friend, Christ-follower, parent, employee, supervisor… that God has called you to be. I want to encourage you to go for it! Shoot for the stars! You are more than a conqueror! You have what it takes to do great things for God in your family, church and career and with your life. I believe in you, but more importantly GOD BELIEVES IN YOU!

I’m really excited to see what God is going to do in our lives this next weekend as we close out or series Go Mo Go with a message titled, The Comeback Kid. Have a super Monday!

The Weekend

As you know by now, I really love Fridays. It’s our family date night. Last night was even more special and fun – I took my wife on a date without the kids. I really love that lady. She’s so special!

I’m excited about this weekend. It’s Friend’s Day, and you all are always so eager to invite your friends and family to experience God at People’s Church. I’ve been working really hard on the message. It was actually a difficult message for me to put together. I’m not sure why it was so difficult, but it took me a couple of extra hours to get this message finished. Normally, I have my message done and to the office for powerpoint and the bulletin by Thursday in the early afternoon. But last night after I got home from my date with Tiffany, I spent over an hour working on the message, and I still didn’t feel like it was where it needed to be. So this morning when I got up, I spent another hour or so on the message and finally got it to the office. It’s going to really be an encouraging message. My title is “Use What Yo Momma Gave You!” You, your friends and your family will leave this weekend encouraged and equipped to fulfill your destinies. God is going to do a great work!

I can’t wait to see all of you this weekend!

Staff & Volunteers

I finished up Andy Stanley’s book titled 7 Practices Of Effective Ministry. Once again, it was a great read, and I highly recommend it. Yesterday, I started a book titled First Break All The Rules. WOW, I love what I’ve read so far. The first chapter talked about how great companies attract and retain great employees. It made me think about our incredible staff at People’s Church. I just want to go on record and say that we have a great staff at People’s Church. One of the reasons the church has been able to sustain incredible growth and reach so many people for Christ is because of the excellent staff the Lord has blessed us with. I feel so blessed to work with such godly, faithful, high quality, loyal, committed and visionary people on a daily basis.

Not only do we have a great staff, but we have the finest volunteers in the world. You all have such servants’ hearts. Each week hundreds of you serve in so many different areas and meet so many needs at People’s Church and in the community. I commend you for your faithfulness and passion to see people know and grow in Christ. I guess the best way I can sum this up is: WE HAVE A GREAT CHURCH BECAUSE WE HAVE GREAT PEOPLE. I’m humbled and honored to be your pastor!


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