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Some Random Thoughts

1. I’ve really enjoyed the DASH series. We have one more week left and I’m already pumped for Sunday at People’s Church!

2. I’m speaking to the Oklahoma Sooners football team on Saturday afternoon and I found out yesterday that my two oldest kids can come with me. They are so pumped to be around the team.  I mean, really pumped.

3. My two oldest sons also get to go to their first Sooners football game on Saturday!  They are bouncing off the walls excited and that makes me excited!

4. My wife is so incredible! She is a fabulous mother to our four kids!  I am amazed by her!

5. I won in 5 out of 6 fantasy football leagues this week.

6. The Dallas Cowboys have some major injury problems. Oh no!  Let’s go Boys!

7. We are kicking off a new series called Authority Issues on October 2nd.  This is going to be a great, challenging and life changing series. When we have authority issues it keeps us from experiencing God’s best in our lives.

8. Wednesday Connection is going great at both campuses. Come this Wednesday night at 7pm and grow spiritually and build lasting kingdom friendships.

9. Today I’m spending an hour with our leadership staff answering their questions about leadership.  I’m excited to spend time with them and for all of us to grow in our leadership.

10. Make it a great Tuesday!


Take The High Road

1. You won’t always be liked but respond by loving people.

2. You won’t always be understood but keep leading and loving people.

3. You will be talked about in a negative way but choose to develop thick skin, pursue God’s vision and love people.

4. People will take a half truth and twist it to make you look bad, but respond by loving people because God knows the truth and has your back.

5. People will say things about you that are untrue to make themselves look better. You shouldn’t spend your time defending yourself, but instead, follow God and love people.

6. You will be attacked, and you should respond with grace, truth and love.

7. You will have many opportunities to be offended and carry a grudge against somebody but forgive as the Lord forgave you.

8. You will be hurt and disappointed by people, and you should respond by giving your hurt and pain to God, by keeping a tender heart and by loving people.

9. You will have the opportunity to get even with those who have deeply wounded you, but instead, speak kindly about them, support them and help them succeed and bless them!


Stand Up

We are in a series called DASH. Sunday I preached a message titled Stand Up. I talked about how God has called us, as Christians, to stand up. Our team put together this inspiring story! Totally worth watching!!!

Weekend Highlights

1. Tiffany and I went on a date Thursday night! On the second half of our date we grabbed some dessert, and my wife watched the Packers & Saints game and the Oklahoma State & Arizona game. What a woman she is to watch football with me! LOVE HER!

2. Friday was a great day off around the house. We had our family date night and relaxed a ton.

3. Saturday, as usual, I did some studying and memorizing of Sunday’s message and I watched some football.

4. Saturday night we had a family movie night and watched a Veggie Tales movie. It was kind of a lame movie, but the kids enjoyed eating popcorn and sitting with dad and mom on the floor.

5. Before I went to bed Saturday night, I watched the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game. Wow, that was a super ending.

6. It was an exciting Sunday at People’s Church.

7. We had a larger crowd at the new People’s Church Midwest City campus than we did on grand opening Sunday, and many people gave their life to Christ. It’s exciting seeing all that God is doing at MWC!

8. It was a super day at the Oklahoma City campus as well! Tons of life change taking place.

9. DASH has been a powerful series for our church! Two more weeks left!

10. I have an opportunity to win in 5 of my 6 fantasy football leagues. I love fantasy football. It’s one of my hobbies.

11. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Jets! Oh wait, Tony Romo lost the game in the 4th quarter! Bummer! Let’s regroup Cowboys, and get a win next week!

Midwest City Grand Opening Month

The new People’s Church Midwest City grand opening month continues this Sunday with an old fashioned cookout following all three experiences. Come worship, meet new friends and enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs. Also, the hip hop group, Exodus will be rapping in all three experiences. Midwest City experience times: 10am, 11:30am & 1pm. Oklahoma City experience times: 8:30am, 10am, 11:30am & 1pm.


Multi-Site Lessons

1. We started our second location in a permanent facility. We have a 15-year lease on a 25,000 sq. foot movie theater. We have the option to buy the entire 70,000 square foot facility. During my research, I learned that it’s easier for your people to buy into a permanent facility than it is a school.

2. We spent a lot of money to renovate the movie theater and on audio, video and lights. Our goal was to provide the same excellent and quality experience that people were used to at our first location.

3. We decided to use video teaching versus me driving back and forth between locations. It’s in our future plans to launch more campuses, and we knew that me driving back and forth between locations was a short-term solution. So, we decided to use video so that we can continue to reach more people.

4. I started casting strong vision about the new location six months before our grand opening was scheduled. This gave our people time to buy into the vision. As usual, when I first cast strong vision, there is a little resistance and a lot of questions. Giving people 6 months allowed them time to ask questions, visit the new location, hear the vision over and over, pray and allow God to speak to their hearts about their involvement. Many people who said they wouldn’t go, ended up catching the vision and are at the new campus making a major impact on God’s Kingdom.

More lessons on another day!

Lessons From Going Multi-Site

We have not been a multi-site church very long, but I’ve already learned so many lessons. I want to share some of the lessons I’ve learned the next couple of days.

1. Sending the right team is critical. Having a campus pastor who has the DNA of the church, who loves to be around people and a strong work ethic is key. I can’t overstate the importance of choosing the right campus pastor.

2. Sending the best team possible speaks volumes to your church about the commitment of the leadership to being a multi-site church. We sent our main worship leader to be the worship director at our new campus. I wanted our people to know that I’m committed to being a multi-site church, and we are sending great people to our second campus.

3. We also sent a full-time Youth Director, Kids Director, Small Group/First Impressions Director, Secretary and a part-time Kids Coordinator to the new campus. We also have one of our Associate Pastors, who has been attending People’s Church since day one and is a key leader at People’s Church heavily involved at the new campus (he is also providing leadership at the OKC campus).

4. We sent many of our key lay leaders and volunteers to the new campus. Our new campus has some of the sharpest leaders and volunteers on the front lines making ministry happen week-in and week-out. The new campus has the People’s Church DNA from the parking lot to the stage.

5. Hundreds of our people made a commitment to attend and serve at the new campus. Because of the excitement, vision, commitment and passion to see more changed lives by our church family, People’s Church second campus has started with unbelievable momentum and the best is yet to come!

MWC Grand Opening Month Continues

This Sunday at the People’s Church Midwest City campus, Amena Brown, nationally acclaimed poet will be performing! Also, there will be free Mr. Spriggs BBQ for everyone after each experience (pizza will be available for kids). BBQ will be conveniently served in a tent outside, so invite a friend and be ready to eat, rain or shine!

Join us this Sunday as I continue the Dash series! Oklahoma City campus experiences times are 8:30am, 10am, 11:30am, and 1pm. Midwest City campus experience times are 10am, 11:30am, and 1pm.


Are You Capping Your Organization?

1. With small thinking

2. By not continuing to grow as a leader

3. By not taking risks

4. By not making the tough decision

5. By not letting go of the staff member

6. By not hiring the position

7. Because you have a negative attitude

8. By not developing leaders

9. By micro-managing

People’s Church Impacting The Community

People’s Church see how God is using us to make a difference in the Oklahoma City metro area! Thank you for your heart and passion to impact people with the love of God!

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