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What Gets Under My Skin

1. When people say one thing and do another

2. When people take advantage of me

3. When a new church planter says they want to meet with me to ask me questions and spend the entire time talking about themselves

4. When people don’t put roots down at one church because they attend four different churches

5. When people are late and don’t notify others that they will be late

6. When people don’t say thank you

7. When people talk down to others

8. When people are religious and driven by tradition instead of following Jesus

9. When people think their denomination is the best, so they tear down other denominations

10. When people shun others because they are hurting, broken, trapped in sin, a different race or because they are poor

Herbert & Tiffany Talking Marriage, Sex & Parenting

Lessons From Nine Years Of Leading A Church pt. 2

3. Choosing the right team will make you or break you. There’s no doubt that the greatest blessing in ministry is the team you surround yourself with, and the greatest challenges in ministry is the team you surround yourself with. Building the right team and keeping the right team members is key to having a thriving ministry. I’m grateful to God for people that have been a part of the People’s Church staff for years. I have several staff members who have been a part of the People’s Church staff for more than five years. I have several who have been a part of People’s Church for eight years or longer. The right team makes ministry fun and fruitful. When it comes to choosing your team, go slowly and choose wisely!

Lessons From Nine Years Of Leading A Church

On Sunday, People’s Church celebrated its nine year anniversary! WOW! I want to spend two or three days sharing with you some lessons I’ve learned over the past nine years!

1. Staying close to Jesus can be a challenge when starting and leading a church, but it’s not an option. There have been seasons over the last nine years where my relationship with Jesus wasn’t where it needed to be. I can honestly say that I’m closer to Jesus than I’ve ever been before because I have disciplined myself to have my quiet times on a consistent basis and have lived a life of repentance.

2. Forgive people constantly. In ministry and in life you will be hurt and even sometimes wounded. The best decision that I’ve made in ministry is to walk in forgiveness. I’ve been done wrong and talked about just like everybody else, but I’ve chosen to truly walk in love and forgiveness. My heart is free from junk, grudges, bitterness and has not grown hard because I’ve chosen to forgive.

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Mother’s Day Weekend

1. It was a really great weekend in the Cooper house.

2. It was a super busy week last week and it ended with a great date night with my wife! I LOVE DATE NIGHTS!

3. Friday was a day off, and I spent extra time with my wife and kids. We had a great time hanging out together.

4. On Saturday evening, our family went to our babysitter’s graduation party and ate pizza.

5. My Thunder lost on Saturday evening and I was upset. We will reload and win tonight.

6. On Sunday, my wife and I sat in a leather couch and chair and had a family chat with our church about marriage and parenting baggage. It went very well and I encourage every married couple to listen or watch this at The message should be on our website by the end of the day.

7. My wife is so gifted! She is a great speaker! She does very well in front of people! Her sweet spirit is amazing. I married way up! I mean way up! I thank God for my wife!

8. After church, my family went to my uncle and aunt’s home in Del City for a Mother’s Day dinner. My aunt is my mom’s sister and it did me good to spend time with her since this was my first Mother’s Day without my mom.

9. It was a great day at People’s Church! The Boyz II Men song, A Song for Mama was a home run! The four guys tore it up! Many lives were changed yesterday at PC!


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Diversity Is Important To God

Diversity is important to me because it’s important to God. Jesus desires for the Church to be one, according to the Book of John. Jesus did not say that people would know that we are His disciples because we have a super large church, or because we have millions of dollars in our budget, or because we have hundreds of thousands of square feet of plush facility. He said the world will know we are His disciples because we love one another. I take that literally. Black, white, red, or yellow; we ought to love one another. We ought to get along. We ought to care about each other. We ought to be able to interact and love each other deeply. I also firmly believe that we are stronger together than we are apart.

My friend Scott Williams has written a book to help leaders, ministries and Christians in general address the issue of the lack of ethnic diversity in the church. The book is titled Church Diversity: Sunday The Most Segregated Day Of The Week. I love Scott’s heart and passion to see God’s church more unified. Leading a diverse church takes a lot of work, and Scott shares practical ways to embrace diversity rather than simply tolerating it. This book will help provoke some overdue conversations.

Church Diversity features thoughts from pastors around the world, thoughts from worship leaders and even best practices from corporate America. People’s Church is featured in a couple of sections, as we were able to share a little of our story in building a multi-cultural church.

You will definitely enjoy reading this book! It’s a must read for every pastor and follower of Christ!

You can buy the book here and check out the book trailer below.

Handling Being Misunderstood

1. Some people will say things about you that are untrue. You have to love them, lovingly talk to them if possible and, most of all, brush it off and keep following Jesus.

2. Some people will not like you for reasons that are beyond your control. You have to love them and keep pursuing God and His vision.

3. Some people will get upset with you because they misunderstood something you said or did. If at all possible, go to the person and try to make peace. We should do everything we can to live at peace with everyone.

4. Some people will not support you or your vision. Don’t get distracted by three people who won’t support the vision. Instead focus on the hundreds or thousands who do support you and your vision and are ready to move forward and do great things for God.

5. Some people will never be pleased with you. The quicker you learn that you can’t please everybody, the better person and leader you will be. You will never please 100 percent of people 100 percent of the time. Ultimately, you need to make sure you’re pleasing your Heavenly Father and being obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. You can live with peace in your heart even when you don’t please a few people because your desire and focus is to please and honor God.

6. Being misunderstood is a part of leadership. The quicker you embrace this reality, the better leader you can be for God.

Check Out Who’s Coming To People’s Church Sunday

Check out the video below to see the NATIONALLY acclaimed person who will be at People’s Church on Sunday! We are also giving away 2,000 prizes, and Dora The Explorer and Barney will be LIVE in the kids area! It’s going to be a HUGE Sunday at People’s Church!