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Thoughts On Growing Spiritually

1. Have daily prayer and bible reading.

2. Attend church faithfully for corporate worship and to hear the teaching of scripture.

3. Attend a small group for Christian relationships, accountability and discipleship.

4. Serve in a ministry so that you can give of yourself and minister to others.

5. Tithe so that you can conquer greed and selfishness and so you can put God first with actions and not just words.

6. Give offerings above your tithe because this is where generosity begins. It’s more blessed to give than to receive.

7. Live the bible; don’t just read it to get more information in your mind.

8. Allow the Holy Spirit to continually show you areas you need to change, and yield to the Holy Spirit’s work in your life.

9. Go on a missions trip so you can be stretched and develop a heart for the world.

10. Love people and walk in forgiveness constantly.

The Week After Easter

1. Evaluate your strengths and your weaknesses. What went well with Easter weekend and what didn’t?

2. On big days, it reveals where you are weak. Ask yourself, what do we need to do to improve or fix our weaknesses?

3. Until a few years ago, whatever our attendance was on Easter was a good gauge of what we had the potential to average within the next year. So, Easter could be a great gauge for what your church could be averaging within a year. Make the necessary changes so you can accommodate what God desires to do in your church.

4. Follow up with all your first-time guests with a phone call and a letter or written note and thank them for coming.

5. Make sure you put a lot of energy, time, thought and prayer into the next several weeks of services. Sometimes leaders put so much time into preparing for Easter that the following weekend services suffer. People will be visiting your church over the next several weeks, and you need to be prepared to give them an unforgettable experience.

6. Celebrate with your team the victories that happened and the life change that took place during Easter weekend! Celebrating is very healthy for every team!

Easter Weekend Update

1. It was a great weekend around the Cooper home.

2. I’m so grateful that Tiffany is such a great mom to our kids. She plans so many special things for our kids and our family. The kids colored eggs on Friday morning and then we had a family Easter egg hunt in the front yard on Friday afternoon. The kids had a blast!

3. We had a family date night after the Easter egg hunt and ate dinner together. I love family time.

4. I spent the day Saturday studying for Easter weekend.

5. We had a 5pm Saturday night service. We had a great turn out!

6. Easter Sunday was a rain fest. It rained and stormed all day. Oklahoma needed the rain, but it wasn’t great timing for Easter church services. The storm caused us to lose power in a hallway. YIKES!

7. I was hoping to hit 6,000 on Easter, and in spite of the rain fest we had a record breaking weekend and almost hit 6,000!

8. The most important number is 299 people who gave their lives to Christ this weekend! Thank you, Jesus! That’s what it’s all about!

9. The People’s Church parking lot team was unbelievable on Sunday! They walked people to and from the building with umbrellas! They served and loved on people Jesus style! A BIG, huge thank you to the parking lot team!

10. Thank you to all the volunteers who served on Easter, especially those who served in more than one experience! You all make it happen week in and week out! I’m so honored to be your pastor! Lives are being changed by Jesus because of your faithfulness to serve people!

11. Easter was exciting, but I’m even more excited for this Sunday! I’m continuing the series Baggage with a message titled Shame Off Me! We are giving away 2,000 prizes including iPad 2s and 43 inch flat screen TVs. Dora and Barney will be LIVE in the kid’s area! Amena Brown, the nationally acclaimed poet, will be performing in all 4 experiences! Start inviting your friends and family TODAY! It’s going to be another UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE!


People’s Church is beginning a new series on Easter called Baggage! Throughout this life changing series you will learn how to LIVE FREE and TRAVEL LIGHT! Check out the promo video to the SIZZLING NEW series! INVITE 3 people to Easter experiences today!

Important Easter Details

Over 80 percent of people will come to church with you if they are asked! Lives will be changed because you took time to invite your friends and family to church for our Easter weekend experiences! Who are you inviting?

The Easter Experience/Production

Invite everybody you know to People’s Church! Easter is going to be UNREAL!

MORE Changed Lives

God is changing lives at People’s Church. Check out this raw and honest testimony of the grace and forgiveness of our Savior! Thank you Jesus for changing lives!

Full-Time Worship Leader Position

People’s Church is a nine year-old, fast-paced and fast growing church that has thousands of people worshiping every Sunday. We are looking for a full-time Worship Leader. We are looking for someone with STELLAR vocals, versatility with excellence in genre’s (we’re a multi-cultural church so we sing everything from UNITED to Fred Hammond), experience in leading a band/vocals, good with people, and a teachable and positive attitude. Experience in playing an instrument, such as guitar or keys, is not required, but is definitely a plus. The best way to inquire about this position is to send a resume with a picture and video/audio recordings (video preferred) to

The Story Of How People’s Church Started

Last Week’s Update

1. I had an extremely busy, but productive, week last week.

2. Tiffany and I flew to Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday morning to attend the All Access Conference hosted by the ARC.

3. I spoke at the conference on Wednesday afternoon.

4. The conference was great, and I made some relationships with some great pastors and leaders.

5. Tiffany flew back to Oklahoma City on Thursday to get back to our four precious kids.

6. I flew to Springfield, Missouri on Thursday.

7. I spoke at Evangel University chapel service on Friday morning. Evangel is where I graduated and met Tiffany!

8. I am on the board of directors for Evangel, and we had an all day board meeting on Friday.

9. I flew from Springfield, Missouri back to Oklahoma City on Friday night and got home around 10:45pm.

10. On Saturday, I spent several hours studying for a Leadership Dinner we had at People’s Church that night.

11. The Leadership Dinner was awesome! 188 people (a great deal of them were married couples) pledged to give almost $450,000 over the next year to get our Midwest City location renovated. These leaders stepped up in a huge way!

12. On Sunday, I taught all four experiences at People’s Church. It was an amazing day! The church cried, laughed, stood to their feet, clapped and lifted their voices and hands in praise to God! Thousands of people are inspired and praying about what God would have them give over and above their tithe for the next year to get the Midwest City campus renovated so MORE lives can be CHANGED! This Sunday, April 17th, our entire church will be making one-year commitments to The Dream Campaign. We are also all bringing our BEST offering on April 17th so that we can get the Midwest City campus renovated ASAP! We are planning on August 2011 as the Grand Opening of the Midwest City location, so there is a lot of work to be done.

13. It was a busy week, but God did so many great things! I love serving God and serving His church! God is so good and so faithful!!