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Spring Break Highlights

1. I had so much fun with my family during spring break.

2. We went out of state for a few days to hang out and have a blast.

3. Its so fun watching my kids play and have fun. I love being a dad.

4. We got back to Oklahoma City on Wednesday evening.

5. On Thursday, we took the kids to see the movie Gnomeo & Juliet. We ate popcorn, candy and drank sodas. Another fun time for the Cooper crew!

6. On Friday, my lovely bride and I went on an overnight trip without the kids. We had so much fun hanging out, drinking coffee, eating dinner and going to a Thunder basketball game.

7. On Saturday, we got a Starbucks coffee, went to the mall and Tiffany shopped for three uninterrupted hours. I’m sure I got extra brownie points for taking my sweet thang shopping for three hours to let her unwind and have a blast. She doesn’t get to do this very often with our four little ones.

8. I enjoyed the 10am worship experience on Sunday! The worship was great and Pastor Chris, our Student Ministries Director, tore it up! He preached a great message!

9. I’m so blessed to have such an incredible team serving with me at People’s Church! I love and appreciate my team so much!

10. I’m looking forward to wrapping up the series Doors this Sunday. I have a word that is going to bless your socks off. I can’t wait!

High Mountains And Low Valleys

High mountains can be just as difficult and challenging as low valleys.
Most people tend to associate difficult times in their lives with the idea of being in a valley. Maybe it’s a time of depression. Maybe you’ve lost your job or are struggling financially. Maybe your job performance is just suffering. Or maybe you have neglected your walk with God and now you feel distant.
And it’s true. These seasons are hard. Terribly hard. You don’t know if there will ever be a light at the end of the tunnel. And if it’s coming, it can’t come quickly enough.
But there’s a truth no one ever seems to mention: climbing the mountain is also challenging. The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a mountaintop you suddenly arrive at with no work involved. It’s the base of the mountain that you now have to climb. And one that you’ll always be climbing.
The times of success in your life and the times when God is blessing you can be just as challenging as the times in the valley. Just in a different way, because now you’re going uphill.
And even when you make it to the so-called mountaintop, it isn’t easy there either. For example, this past Christmas, we saw over 1100 people receive Christ in three days. A definite mountaintop. And then we had to follow up with them and maintain our momentum to reach even more people. Still challenging.
Here’s the truth we want to avoid at all costs:
It’s all hard.
The valleys and the mountains. The low points and getting to the high points and staying at the high points. In the valley you’re trying to survive. And in the mountains you’re trying to thrive. Neither is a walk in the park.
That’s not very encouraging. So why share it?
Because it’s reality. Because it confronts an inane line of thinking that many of us cling to: that life is going to one day get to the point where it’s easy. If that’s what we’re waiting for, we’re going to be waiting a long time.
The goal of life isn’t to make it to a point where we can breathe easy. It’s to get to heaven breathless. Tired because we’ve been faithfully and passionately following God – through valleys and mountains.
So yes, it’s always hard. But our reward in the future makes it worth it. We’ll rest then. And we’ll push on now.
Besides, God is doing more in you and through you in your mountains and valleys than you can possibly imagine. That alone should give you joy. No matter where you’re at.

This post was written by pastor

Raising Kids

1. Loving and nurturing your relationship with your spouse has a huge impact on your kids.

2. Living the Christian life and not just talking about the Christian life has a huge impact on your kids.

3. Spending time with your kids is so key.

4. Help your kids discover how God made them and the gift that God has given them.

5. Provide loving and consistent discipline. Your kids don’t need a moving target when it comes to boundaries.

6. The House of God must be a priority. Be sure to raise your kids in church where they learn about Jesus and grow up with Christian friends.

Loving Our Community

People’s Church, let’s make a difference in our community! Let’s show our community the love of Christ! Check out this video to learn how!

Eisenhower Outreach from People's Church on Vimeo.

10 Easy Ways To Make Church Services More Boring

1. Don’t worry about when you finish. I’m sure no one has plans after the service.
2. Straight Scriptures, no stories. Jesus didn’t teach that way, but you’re obviously a better teacher than Jesus.
3. No television, no movies. It’s just a phase. People don’t really need visual stimulation. They prefer talking heads.
4. Use the same service order. Every week. No exceptions. Ever.
5. Make more announcements.
6. Encourage elementary school kids to sit through your services. They love lively 45-minute sermons. It’s good for them. It builds character.
7. Talk more about the past and less about the future.
8. Use the same song every week. And, try the chorus one more time.
9. Use lots of big words that no one uses in normal, everyday life.
10. Forget relevant topics and life application. That’s overrated. People are really only interested in hearing what you think, not why it matters to them.

This comes from a book titled Killing Cockroaches by Tony Morgan.

I Have Grown

1. Some things that used to make me mad don’t anymore. I have grown!

2. I am more patient with people than I used to be. I have grown!

3. There were times I would let things upset me right before I had to teach God’s word, and I have learned how to brush these things off and stay focused on the task at hand. I have grown!

4. When somebody tries to cause damage to me or People’s Church, I have learned to handle these situations with grace and love. I have learned how to keep a good attitude and a sweet spirit. I have grown!

5. I have learned to trust people more and more every year. I have grown!

6. My love for people continues to grow. I really love people and want to see them flourish in God. I have grown!

I’m grateful for the work of the Holy Spirit in my life!

Weekend Highlights

1. What a great weekend!

2. The Cooper family is getting healthy. This has been a tough winter on my family. We have battled several colds. Thank God that He is a healer!

3. We had some of our good friends come visit us this weekend. It was good to hang out with the Irwin’s! The Irwin’s have been friends with Tiffany and me for years. I’m very grateful for people who have stood by us and believed in us for years. Thanks, Ralph and Gail, for your friendship, love and support all of these years! You guys are awesome!

4. Week one of the Doors series was really good. I felt like God really used this message to minister deeply to the hearts of many people.

5. There were a lot people who went public for Jesus on Sunday! I love seeing people get baptized in water!

6. Sunday night I cast vision to many of our leaders about People’s Church opening a second location in 2011.

7. I revealed to our leaders where the new location will be. They were excited and I’m even more excited!

8. I’m revealing the location to the rest of the People’s Church family on April 3rd when we kick off The Dream series.

9. I feel like I’m starting the church all over again with this second location that we are launching. I have a fresh vision and an even greater passion to reach our city for Christ.

10. I spoke five times yesterday, and my body feels like I spoke five times. It’s a great, fulfilling tired because I love teaching God’s word and leading People’s Church! I’m fulfilling my calling and I’m doing what I was created to do! I love what I do! God is good! The best is yet to come!

11. Thank you to my staff for all of your hard work and sacrifice! I greatly appreciate all that you do! You peeps are the best! I mean that!

Doors: Finding God’s Will

Doors – Finding God’s Will from People's Church on Vimeo.

Leadership Flaws

Every leader needs to know their flaws. One of the worse things for a leader is to have major leadership flaws and not to be aware of them. What are your leadership flaws and are you aware of them? Here are some major leadership flaws:

1. You are controlling and won’t release ministry to people.

2. You are insecure and won’t put strong and gifted people around you.

3. You are passive and won’t deal with problems in your ministry.

4. You are mean, rude and lack people skills, so people don’t like you.

5. You are holding on to a grudge and it’s affecting your attitude.

6. You are listening to the voice of people more than the voice of God.

7. You are living in the past instead of dreaming and pushing towards the future.

8. You are arrogant and think you are better than what you really are.

9. You think you are good at everything, therefore you don’t know your own strengths and weaknesses.

10. You are insecure and surround yourself with people just like yourself.

Get Baptized On March 6th

Every follower of Christ is commanded in Scripture to get baptized in water. This is how we GO PUBLIC for God! I’m excited that many people have already signed up and are going public for Jesus this Sunday. I want you to be obedient to God and to experience God’s best blessings in your life, so get signed up today by emailing Check out this video!

Baptismal Bash from People's Church on Vimeo.