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Why Conferences?

1. There is always plenty of room for me and the team I lead to grow.

2. It’s a great reminder and also refreshing to see that God uses so many different methods and models to accomplish His work.

3. I always meet new people and build new friendships with other pastors from across the country and world.

4. I take our staff to conferences because the relationships deepen within our own team.

5. It brings greater clarity to what God has called People’s Church to do.

6. It often times exposes weaknesses in my leadership or our church.

7. It confirms that we are doing some things right in our own church and leadership.

8. It stretches my vision of what God can do through me and People’s Church.

9. I get pumped full of faith in what God can do through a man or woman of God who surrenders to God’s plan for their life.


Leaders Push Through Pain

1. It’s painful when you have a dream or a goal for your ministry and it doesn’t work out like you thought it would. Leaders push through the pain, pick themselves up and continue to move forward.

2. It’s painful when people you don’t even know begin to attack you or your ministry. Leaders push through the pain and keep their attention on what Jesus has called them to do. They don’t get distracted.

3. It’s even more painful when people you know well begin to attack you or your ministry. Leaders stay close to Jesus, keep their focus on the vision and keep a tender heart while developing thick skin. Leaders learn to push through the pain.

4. It’s painful when people leave your church. Leaders learn to stop taking somebody leaving the church personal. They focus their attention on who they still have and don’t fixate on who left. Leaders push through the pain because there are more people who need to be reached for Christ.

5. It’s painful when a friend turns their back on you or the vision. Leaders push through the pain and allow God to heal their hearts so that they will continue to make friends and trust people. A leader has to have some close friends that can walk alongside of them throughout the journey of life and leading.

6. It’s painful to have to let go of an unproductive staff member or a staff member who just isn’t a fit with your team or culture. Leaders push through the pain and realize they are responsible to manage God’s resources well, and having an unproductive staff member isn’t good management.

7. It’s painful to push through pain! Leaders realize that their leadership and the organization they lead will only rise to the level of their pain threshold. If a leader stops pushing through pain, they stop growing and so does their organization.

Lead Strong

1. Pray and get direction from God, and then step out in faith. You can’t lead strong if you DO nothing. Lead Strong!

2. Cast a big, bold, audacious and compelling vision to the people you lead. Small vision attracts small minded people. Lead Strong!

3. Attack the problem like David attacked Goliath. God will remove your giants, but God oftentimes uses you to do it just like He did David. Lead Strong!

4. Deal with difficult people who are trying to sidetrack your vision. Confront in love because you can’t lead strong and SAY nothing. Lead Strong!

5. Stay the course. Do what God tells you to do no matter what. You can’t lead strong and follow the crowd’s voice instead of God’s voice. Lead Strong!

Family Matters

1. Don’t get so wrapped up in preaching, leading and reaching your city for God that you lose your family.

2. God’s bride is the church. Our bride is not the church. You are called to love your spouse, not HIS spouse.

3. A pastor’s number one ministry is to his/her family not the church.

4. One of the greatest gifts a pastor gives their church is a healthy, strong and godly family.

5. If a pastor has a strong marriage, it impacts all the marriages in the church in a positive way.

6. You only get to raise your kids once, so be sure to invest in them before it’s too late. You never get to relive tomorrow again.

7. One of the best gifts you give your children is to passionately love your spouse.

8. Have fun and enjoy your family. Life is too short not to enjoy your family. Take your days off, as many evenings as possible and vacation time and enjoy your family. Work hard and play hard!

9. If you will love your wife like Christ loves the church, she will respond by loving you back and following your leadership. Men, be a loving leader.

10. Happy wife….happy life! LOL! Marriage and family is awesome! Spend quality and quantity time with your family!

Leaders Think Differently

1. Leaders are constantly thinking about progress. They are content, but never satisfied. They thrive on seeing progress.

2. Leaders are constantly thinking about the future.

3. Leaders are constantly thinking about if they have the right people on the team.

4. Leaders are constantly thinking about if the right people on the team are in the best spot for their gift mix and for the organization.

5. Leaders are constantly thinking about how to develop the people around them.

6. Leaders are constantly thinking about how to deepen the team’s bench, because they never know when 2nd or 3rd string players may have to play a much larger role.

7. Leaders constantly think about the big picture.

8. Leaders constantly think about how to resource the vision.

9. Leaders constantly think about who or what they need in their lives or organizations to go to the next level.

10. Leaders constantly think about how they grow and develop themselves so that they are not the bottleneck to their organization.

Leaders See Potential, Not Problems

1. The one Sunday morning service is 75% full. Leaders see potential! It’s time to add a second service.

2. Your church has three Sunday services, and they are all 75% full. Leaders see potential! It’s time to add a fourth service.

3. A key staff member or volunteer is stepping down from their responsibilities. Leaders see potential. It’s time to upgrade that position with somebody who will take it to the next level.

4. Your church is flat in giving. No problem! Leaders see potential! It’s time to do a teaching series on stewardship and become more laser focused on where you are spending the money. Leaders only resource what really matters.

5. The fourth service is full. No problem! Leaders add a Saturday night service or build a bigger building so more people can continue to be reached.

6. The fourth service is full, Saturday nights won’t work in our city and we can’t afford a multimillion dollar project. No problem! Leaders go multi-site, rent a facility and start a second location, then third location, then fourth location!

7. Our church hasn’t grown in three years. No problem! There is still potential! Leaders realize something major has to change, and it begins in the leader’s heart. There has to be a new passion to reach the community and to do whatever it takes to reach people far from God.

Don’t fall into the trap of focusing on why something can’t be done. We all face obstacles and setbacks, but don’t focus on the problem, focus on the potential. God wants to do something big in your city to see more people come to Christ. Are you focused on the problems or the potential?

Leaders See Quicker

A good leader sees quicker than most people. A leader sees…

1. A problem coming before others do.

2. Potential in a person before others do.

3. Situations that will arise before others do.

4. The ramifications of a decision before others do.

5. The outcome before others do.

6. A preferred future before others do.

7. A solution before others do.

8. The motives of people before others do.

9. The vision before others do.

Do you see quicker than others do?

Weekend Highlights

1. We had great weather in Oklahoma City.

2. We have had two weekends affected by snow.

3. Oklahoma City has had around 19 inches of snow in two weeks. YIKES!

4. Cale had his final basketball game of the season on Saturday. He had a good game and a good season. He improved a ton during the season.

5. The Be My Valentine series is going really well. I’m already hearing a bunch of life change stories.

6. If you have a testimony of how God has changed your life through the ministry of People’s Church, please email We are always so blessed to hear about how God is working in your life!

7. Yesterday I talked about how to fight fair. I shared the biggest fight Tiffany and I have ever had in our marriage. I said something really stupid.

8. Last night many people met some new friends and got plugged into a Community Group at the Connect.Me event. Community Groups are where life change happens best and where life change is sustained. Get plugged into a Community Group today.

9. The Thunder lost last night to Golden State. We should have won that game. Let’s go Thunder!

10. Friday night was the first time Tiffany and I rented a Red Box movie and it stopped working halfway through the movie. Bummer!

11. This Sunday at People’s Church is going to be one of those SPECIAL Sundays. The message is titled My Marriage Is Over, Now What?

12. Seriously, invite every person you know who is contemplating divorce, going through a divorce or who is divorced. This is going to be such a healing Sunday at PC! I am already excited and can’t wait for Sunday! Start inviting today!


This Sunday, February 13th, at 5PM at People’s Church is Connect.Me. This is a super fun event where you will meet new friends and eat Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream. There will be root beer floats, games, prizes and lots of laughs, and you can find a Community Group. Check out this short video, and mark your calendars now for this phenomenal evening!

Connect.Me from People's Church on Vimeo.

Interview With Vanderbloemen Search Group & Help Staff Me

1. Herbert: I’m a “hire from within” first kind of guy. I know the benefits of raising up the staff member from within. What do you see as the greatest benefits to bringing in an external staff member?

William: Actually, I’m in favor of hiring from within and believe everyone should do it! I just think that there needs to be balance. Only hiring from within leads to a pretty insular culture and makes things more and more difficult to change over time. Having a mix of outside and inside brings balance, new ideas, and a healthy strength to the church.

Only hiring from within was a big trend in business….about 30 years ago. Corporate America has figured out the need for both insiders and outsiders and has adopted a much more balanced approach to hiring than it did in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Churches would do well to learn from that trend.

2. Herbert: For fast-paced, growing congregations, culture is such a key ingredient. What are your suggestions for pastors to not make mistakes on DNA matches?

William: In the words of Socrates, “Know thyself.” If you will spend time knowing who you are as a church, you’ll hire much better. That’s why we spend a TON of time learning the culture of our clients and hand crafting our search process to each client’s needs.

It’s why we have built a staff where everyone leading a search has had real-time experience in senior leadership in a very large church. Every church thinks they are different and special….and they are!

Justin: Obviously no one knows the church DNA better than the Lead Pastor, but sometimes it takes having outsiders from the specific church hearing and observing that DNA and putting it on paper for them to see. This gives you both an internal and external perspective on what the true DNA of the church is and increases the probability of a match.

3. Herbert: Sometimes it just isn’t working with certain staff members. Is there a recommended way of letting go of staff?

William: Quicker than you think. Churches hire too quickly and fire too slowly. I believe both of those dynamics are based in (1) pastors believing the best about people, and (2) fear. Obviously, there needs to be a fair process and a chance to correct poor performance, but in the end I’ve seen too many situations where a bad hire turns an entire culture toxic. You can read more about this is Sam Chand’s new book.

Justin: Letting staff go is not fun for anyone, but it is the responsibility of the pastor to steward the finances given by the people of the church. Using that money on staff for the purpose of not hurting someone’s feelings is simply not good stewardship.

The best way to do this is with strong communication, documentation and above all, grace.

4. Herbert: With the economy still slow and raises not coming as often, what are some ideas for pastors to raise the level of their staff retention?

Justin: I think the best thing a pastor can do to have long-term retention is create a team environment for his staff. More than anything else, when I talk to a staff member looking to leave their church they say they are just looking to be a part of a great team.

Pastors should be intentional on how they build their team; give them opportunity to develop skills through training and friendships through activity.

5. Herbert: For the pastor who is looking for staff right now, tell me why they should consider using a search firm rather than just making some calls on their own to find staff?

William: a. Objectivity. Having been a Senior Pastor of a large church, I know that it’s actually frightening to hire. Bad hires are bad, but they are really bad in the church. That makes it easy to just hire who you already know or someone a friend recommended. But many times, a more objective opinion can help you determine if you are hiring the right person, not just a safe person.

b. A broader network. The world is getting smaller, and that is making searching harder to do on your own. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true. Because people are networked like never before, candidates are reluctant to come out of their shells unless they know its “safe.” We are providing a safe place for candidates. Every day, lots of candidates call us who would never respond to a job board or even a call from a church.
We have utilized the search services of Help Staff Me in the past and now with this new partnership with the Vanderbloemen Search Group there is even more potential for finding the right staff. I love seeing organizations partner for greater impact and this is an example of that. Looking forward to seeing what is ahead from this partnership

In January of 2011 Help Staff Me and Vanderbloemen Search Group united in an effort to serve the church with all their staffing needs. Whether it is a Jr. High Pastor, a Lead Pastor or an Executive Pastor, we are equipped to meet your staffing needs. Check out the Vanderbloemen Search Group at