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Big Day

This Sunday at People’s Church is Big Day! We are asking you to invite all of your friends and family to People’s Church this Sunday! Nationally acclaimed poet, Amena Brown, will be performing. Also, both Buzz Lightyear and Woody will be hanging out in the kids’ area. You won’t want to miss Big Day!

Watch It Live

Beginning this Sunday at People’s Church, you can now watch the 10AM, 11:30AM & 1PM experiences live at Yes, you get the entire worship experience right on your computer! You get the praise and worship, videos, performances, giving, teaching and response time. When you are on vacation or sick, you can still worship at PC. If you live in another part of the country or world, you can worship with us every week! Let all your friends, family, coworkers & enemies :) know about this new online live worship experience every Sunday at People’s Church! GET THE WORD OUT!!

Labor Day Weekend Highlights

1. I had a super Labor Day weekend!

2. My family went to the zoo on Monday. The kids loved seeing the animals, and I loved being with my family.

3. I ate two corn dogs for lunch at the zoo! Good stuff, but not healthy. Then I ate pizza for dinner. It wasn’t a good day of food selection. :)

4. I completed my 5th fantasy football draft on Monday night. I want to dominate my leagues. We shall soon see!

5. Yes, fantasy football is one of my favorite hobbies. I love it, and it’s one of those things that takes my mind off ministry. I enjoy it.

6. My Oklahoma Sooners did not look good at all on Saturday. Landry Jones has to play better. Come on, OU! We’ve got Florida State this Saturday, and we need to bring our A-game.

7. Church was awesome on Sunday! The Exodus rap performance was out of this world! Pastor friends, I highly encourage you to have Exodus at your church. They will bless your church. Two of the rappers attend PC, and they are faithful and are men of God. Email my assistant at for their information.

8. Lives were changed on Sunday. That’s what it’s all about!

9. We had a great Labor Day Sunday attendance. God is blessing our four new experience times.

10. I’m so excited for the powerful poetry of Amena Brown coming up this Sunday at PC. It’s not just poetry, it’s an experience. Don’t you dare miss out. Also, both Buzz Lightyear and Woody will be in the kids’ area hanging out with the kids this Sunday.

11. The End Of The World series is going great. People are learning a lot about what the bible says about end time events and what we all need to do during these last days. This Sunday’s title is Snapshots Of Revelations! It’s going to be a good one!

12. This Sunday is BIG DAY at People’s Church! Let’s pack out the place! Start inviting everybody you know!!!

Exodus Rapping At People’s Church

This Sunday, in all four experiences, Exodus will be doing a powerful and inspiring rap. This is going to be unbelievable! Start inviting your friends to this unforgettable experience!

Exodus 9-5-2010 from People's Church on Vimeo.

The Wednesday Connection

It kicks off TONIGHT at 7PM! Don’t miss the fun! There will be FREE Chick-fil-A for adults, a cookout for Epic students and pizza for kids! I’m teaching a new series called Overcoming The Obstacles Of Life. You will be able to fellowship and get to know some of your church family. There are awesome programs for your kids and teenagers! It’s an event for the ENTIRE family!

Wednesday Connection from People's Church on Vimeo.

This Will Change Your Church Or Organization

Please take time to watch this video. This is great insight and could literally change your organizational life!

Weekend Highlights

1. Super great Sunday at People’s Church!

2. Over 200 people gave their lives to Christ on Sunday! I’m always so excited to see people give their life to Christ every week.

3. 4149 people attended Sunday.

4. I’m so proud of our church. We launched four experiences on Sunday to make room for more people to hear the Gospel and to have their lives changed. So many of our church family began serving this Sunday to make it happen. Thank you! Many lives were and will continue to be changed because of your faithfulness!

5. So many of our church committed to attend the 8:30AM & the 1PM to free up seats at the most popular service times (10AM & 11:30AM). All I can say is WOW, what a great response and turnout to the 8:30AM & the 1PM. Thank you, church, for freeing up seats so more lives can be changed.

6. The 11:30AM experience was super crowded. If at all possible, starting this Sunday, we need many of our regular attenders to begin attending the 1PM. Also, the 10AM will be jammed packed in a few weeks, so if at all possible, we need many of our regular attenders to attend the 8:30AM. Let’s free up more seats so that we can see more changed lives!

7. On Sunday evening, hundreds of people came to, and many great relationships were formed. This event helps our church family get plugged into a Community Group. Life-giving Christian friendships are so key to having a thriving relationship with Christ.

8. This Wednesday night begins the new semester of The Wednesday Connection. This is an event for the entire family. I will be kicking off a teaching series called Overcoming the Obstacles of Life. There will be awesome experiences, programs, small groups and fun for kids and teenagers. We are serving FREE Chick-fil-A for dinner. Come grow spiritually, meet some new friends and have a blast!

9. Don’t you dare miss this Sunday! There will be an end of the world rap performance by Exodus. Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story will be in the kids’ area hanging out with the kids. I will be continuing the teaching series End Of The World!

10. It was nice to be back to my normal weekend routine after 4 weeks of traveling. I’m such a home body! I love hanging out with my family! It was a great weekend!

11. I have had 3 fantasy football drafts and have 3 more left. I’m ready for some football! BIG TIME! BRING IT ON! My Sooners kick off this Saturday!!!

Muse "Apocalypse Please" & Toy Story

This Sunday at People’s Church, there will be a special can’t miss performance! Also, Woody from Toy Story will be roaming the hallways in the kids’ area. The kids will love meeting Woody! It’s going to be a Sunday to remember! Also, I need as many of you as possible to attend the 8:30AM or the 1PM experience to make more room for all of the guests who will be at People’s Church this Sunday and the Sundays to follow. Thank you for your passion to see MORE changed lives!

Would you like to have some friends who are followers of Christ? Do you want to grow closer to God? Do you want to have a blast with other people? Would you like people to be there for you when life is tough? Don’t you dare miss this Sunday night at People’s Church. Check out the video for all the information! FUN, FUN, FUN night planned, and the best news is EVERYBODY is welcome! from People's Church on Vimeo.

End Of The World

This Sunday, we are kicking off the hottest, most intriguing, and most helpful series of the year! You can’t miss any week of this series! There will be special performances every week! Start inviting everyone you know!

End of the World from People's Church on Vimeo.