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Hilarious Crying Baby Video

Check out this short video we showed our church the last few weeks to bring to people’s attention the distraction a crying baby can bring and to highlight our kids’ ministry.

Babies from People's Church on Vimeo.

7 Keys To An Effective Youth Ministry

At People’s Church, we believe that there are essential ingredients we must have in our student ministry to make it effective. Here are seven of them:

1. The youth ministry must support the vision of the senior pastor. I’m here to serve Pastor Herbert and People’s Church, not build a separate youth ministry. Everything we do falls under his vision.

2. The youth ministry staff must lead through volunteers. I’m here to be a leader, not just a doer. If I’m not leading leaders, I’m not going to be effective. I also believe that in order for our ministry to grow, we must be ready for the harvest, not catching up to it. We are constantly building and training our leadership team.

3. Youth ministry must be done with excellence. This generation deserves the best and nothing less. With that, we hold everything we do to a high standard. We are always looking for what we can do better to reach and disciple more students. We also correct everything that is not done with excellence. We want students and parents to leave Epic with a good first impression. This happens when we pay attention to every detail and do everything with excellence.

4. Our experiences are geared toward un-churched students. We want to grow our youth ministry by reaching students who don’t know Jesus instead of getting them from other churches. The pre-service music, set up, worship, message and Community Groups are all done with an un-churched student in mind. Every week we give students an opportunity to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

5. We put a heavy emphasis on Community Groups. We believe the best way for students to grow spiritually is through relationships. On Wednesday night, every one of our students is in a Community Group.

6. During the school year, we are on campuses every week. This plays a huge part in our effectiveness in reaching students in Oklahoma City. We rarely have a week where we aren’t on campuses. This is a great way to connect with our students and their friends on their turf. It also helps us build relationships with our community through the local schools.

7. Live by a “safety first” motto – the last thing I want to do is have an event, teach a message, send out a mailer or play a game that could come back and cause headaches for Pastor Herbert. Our youth ministry should always be helping the growth of the church, not hurting it. We take a ton of safety precautions, and if anything could be questionable, we don’t do it, or we ask first. It drives me crazy when I hear youth pastors say, “it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” That can get you fired and cause headaches for the church. It’s best to use wisdom and think about the big picture and what is best for the church.

This blog is by Chris Smith, Student Ministries Director at People’s Church.

How to Kill Your Kids’ Ministry

It’s been said that there is more than one way to skin a cat. I would also like to add that there is more than one way to kill your kids’ ministry. Here are five things that we avoid at all costs in our kids’ ministry.

1. Take advantage of your volunteers. Volunteers need to feel valued and cared for. Send them a card, buy your team donuts, or simply give someone a pat on the back and let them know how much you appreciate them. If volunteers don’t feel genuinely cared for, you may find yourself doing ministry alone.

2. Don’t have fun.
Our goal at People’s Church is to make every experience and every environment unforgettable. We aim for Sunday to be “the best hour of their week”. So don’t be afraid to make a mess and crank up the volume.

3. View kids’ ministry as babysitting. The function of kids’ ministry is exactly the same as it is for adult ministry: to connect people to God and others. No babysitting allowed.

4. Let anybody serve. It takes a lot of people to meet the needs of ministry, but we can’t act out of desperation. It’s important to have a proper screening and training process in place. Set the bar high and don’t compromise.

5. Forget about God. As crazy as it sounds, it is very easy to get busy doing the work of the Lord and not involve the Lord. Whether you’re a pastor or a volunteer leader, it’s critical to pray over your kids’ ministry and invite God to move in the lives of the children and families that are being ministered to. As Psalm 127:1 reminds us, “Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted.”

This post is by Jody Earley, PC Kids Director at People’s Church.

Living the Dream Promo

I believe this is one of the best promos that our Video Team has ever produced! Check out this short, incredible video.

Living the Dream from People's Church on Vimeo.

Living The Dream

This Sunday, August 1, we’re kicking off a new series called Living the Dream. People today are pursuing money, cars, fame and trying to live the dream. Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll show you how to really live the dream. Start inviting your friends today!

Weekend Highlights

1. We had a pretty relaxing and laid back weekend at the Cooper home. I like laid back and relaxing.

2. On Friday, I went to lunch with Dino Rizzo, Senior Pastor of Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, LA.

3. I had a great time hanging out with Dino. He has a heart of gold. I felt like I’ve known Dino for years. I appreciated his investment into my life and ministry.

4. My wife and I have gotten pulled back into the TV series LOST. We almost stopped watching after season two, but I’m glad we didn’t. We are enjoying season 3. I love summer nights in the Cooper home. The kids go to bed, and Tiffany and I party by eating snacks and watching a TV series. Last year we watched all the seasons of 24. This year is LOST.

5. We had another superb day at People’s Church. Lives are being changed by the power of Christ.

6. Be sure to get your school supply bag(s) filled up with the supplies on the list and bring the bag(s) back this Sunday. 1000 kids and families are going to be blessed with a backpack and school supplies because of the People’s Church family.

7. We still have 200 bags left. If you haven’t got a bag, stop by the church this week or on this coming up Sunday, pick up 1, 2, 3 or 10 bags and let’s impact the lives of kids.

8. This Sunday, we are kicking off a new series called Living The Dream. I am super pumped about this series. I mean super, super pumped!

9. The next Baptismal Bash is coming up on August 15. If you are a follower of Christ and haven’t been baptized, this is for you! Go public for Jesus, and watch how God blesses your life. Get signed up today by emailing

10. You can LIVE THE DREAM! Learn how starting this Sunday!

Thursday’s Download

1. Hurry up, football season! I’m ready for some football! I’m pumped for some fantasy football as well.

2. Oftentimes, it’s not what you know or what you’ve done, it’s who you know. Life is not fair. Just wanted to encourage somebody today. :)

3. This Sunday at PC, the Nutcracker Drumline, SNOW and the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby (All the Lonely People) will be performed.

4. Start inviting everybody you know to church!

5. I’m super pumped for our new series kicking off on August 1st called Living The Dream. You can live the dream!

6. People’s Church is providing backpacks and school supplies to 1000 kids. Pick up the bags in the lobby at church, buy the supplies on the list, bring the bag back to church and drop it in the box in the lobby.

7. 110 people signed up to serve in a ministry, especially the kids’ ministry, over the last two weeks so that we can launch the 4th experience with great momentum beginning August 29. Thank you for your passion to see more changed lives! YOU are key to what God wants to do this fall and in the future at People’s Church.

8. Best Of The Best has been a great series.

9. We have been nailing down details and brainstorming heavily for our Christmas series. Folks, we have a great fall planned, and our Christmas series beginning Thanksgiving weekend will be the ICING on the cake. Be praying and fasting for God to do BIG things!

God-Size Vision

1. A God-size vision doesn’t seem possible….without God.

2. Getting a God-size vision requires prayer and spending time with God.

3. Seeing a God-size vision come to pass requires following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

4. A God-size vision requires God’s timing. Don’t rush it.

5. A God-size vision will make you nervous. A big vision from God can mess with your mind.

6. A God-size vision requires a plan of action. Write your plan down on paper.

7. A God-size vision requires the right people. Surround yourself with godly people who can speak into your life.

8. A God-size vision requires resources. Trust God because where God guides He provides.

9. A God-size vision requires faith. Take a step of faith towards the vision every day.

10. A God-size vision requires commitment. It won’t happen overnight, so stay focused and dedicated to what God showed you.

7 Keys To Building A Great Kids’ Ministry

1. The senior pastor needs to have a passion and vision to minister to kids. Very rarely will you see a church who has a great kids’ ministry where the senior pastor isn’t passionate about the next generation.

2. Fund the kids’ ministry: A church who is passionate about helping kids know and grow in Christ has to put their money where their mouth is. It’s easy for a church to say they want to minister to kids, but then, turn around and spend all of the money on the adults. You have to spend money with staffing, decor, games, safety, supplies, curriculum, etc.

3. Staff the kids’ ministry: If kids’ ministry is a priority at your church, you want some of the sharpest people leading and serving in the kids’ department. You can’t have a great kids’ ministry without sharp, loving and caring people leading and serving in the area. Recruit the best people to lead and serve with the next generation.

4. Do things with excellence: Excellence doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, but it does mean you do the very best with what you have. The kids’ environments should be clean. Paint isn’t all that expensive, so be sure the walls are painted with a bright color that kids like. Make sure the carpet and toys are clean. The bottom line is do things with excellence in the kids’ area.

5. Have a secure and safe environment: You need to have policies and procedures to provide a safe environment. You need to make parents aware of the policies. You MUST do background checks on everybody leading and serving with the next generation. You need to have some type of check-in and pickup system that provides safety when parents drop off and pick up their kids. If possible, have all the bathrooms inside the classrooms so kids don’t have to leave the room. Do whatever you can to provide a secure and safe environment for the kiddos.

6. Make sure kids have a blast: The last thing you want is for kids to dread coming to your church. Make it fun. Have games, moon bouncers, video games, candy, etc. Just make sure kids have a blast at church. Church shouldn’t be boring for the kids. When kids are frequently bored at church, it’s because adults aren’t putting the time and energy into the kids’ area and services. Plan a great experience for kids each week. If kids have a blast at church, they will bring their parents back to church each week!

7. Teach kids to love Jesus: Teach the Bible to kids. Find some good age appropriate curriculum and teach kids to love Jesus. Challenge them to read their Bibles and memorize Scripture. Challenge them to bring their Bibles to church. Challenge them to live out the Bible lessons they are learning each week. Invest spiritually into the lives of kids!

Weekend Highlights

1. We had my mom, Sandra Cooper’s, funeral on Saturday. It was a great service.

2. I shared for 5 minutes about my mom’s life. I cried and laughed all at the same time. I had a great mom! She was such a sweet and caring person!

3. Shelby Johnson, the People’s Church Care Pastor who handles most of our funerals, took care of my mom’s funeral. He did a wonderful job with the eulogy. Shelby is so great at being there for people in their time of need. I’m so blessed to have him as our Care Pastor. Thanks for everything, Shelby!

4. It was great seeing and hanging out with family over the weekend. I had family in from all over the country.

5. It was especially good to see my younger sister and her precious family who live in Rochester, NY.

6. We had a great day at People’s Church. Tons of people gave their lives to Christ.

7. Many people made a decision to stop having sex outside of marriage and many others made the decision to wait until marriage before having sex.

8. The Beyonce Single Ladies song was perfect before I taught God’s Word. If you want it, put a ring on it!

9. The Worship Team did a great job. We sang Never Would Have Made It by Marvin Sapp and Always by Hillsong. I love the diversity at People’s Church. Marvin Sapp and Hillsong on the same Sunday! That’s what I’m talking about! Jamie did a great job on Never Would Have Made It!

10. Brian Rush is my good friend and one of my executive pastors at People’s Church, and his dad went home to be with the Lord on Sunday morning. Jack Rush was a great man of God and raised an incredible son. Jack, I will miss your smile and hugs.

11. We had another great summer crowd at People’s Church.

12. We announced that we are adding a 4th experience beginning August 29. New service times: 8:30AM, 10AM, 11:30AM & 1PM.

13. If you are not serving, we need you to get plugged into serving in a Sunday ministry at People’s Church so that we can launch the 4th experience with great momentum. Email today and let her know. Thank you for serving so that we can see more changed lives.

14. We are providing 1000 students at Britton Elementary and Eisenhower Elementary with a backpack and a year’s worth of school supplies. PC, we need your help. Be sure to pick up a bag or several bags in the church lobby, buy all the supplies on the list and bring the bag(s) back to church with you on Sunday. I’m so pumped to invest in our community and impact parents and kids with the love of Jesus.