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Make It Happen

Are you a make it happen person or make excuses person? Do you produce results or produce excuses? If you are asked to get something done do you bring back results or do you find yourself bringing back excuses of why you cannot get done what was asked of you? There are always good excuses for why we can’t get something done, but make it happen people have learned to push past the excuses and produce results. In the parable of the talents, the man with one talent did not produce results and he felt justified because he had what he thought were good excuses. When the master showed up to inspect the results, all he heard from the one talent man was his well thought out excuses. The master wasn’t impressed with excuses because he wanted to see results, not excuses. When the master didn’t see results, he took his talent from him and gave it to someone who would produce results versus excuses. I want to encourage you today to be a person who produces results in your life, family and career. MAKE IT HAPPEN don’t make excuses!

Hookin’ Up

We are kicking off a hot new series on relationships starting this Sunday. Relationships are another level of honoring God!

Weekend Highlights

1. Thursday night I had a fabulous date night with the love of my life! Dinner and a movie! Fun times!

2. On Friday, my dad drove to Oklahoma City and our families went out to eat dinner in downtown OKC.

3. After dinner, me, my 2 oldest boys, my dad and little brother went to watch the Thunder play! Wow, it was a great game.

4. On Saturday, we went to watch my oldest son play basketball and then spent the rest of the day at home.

5. On Saturday I spent time studying for Sunday’s message.

6. Sundays at People’s Church have been awesome. I really sense God doing a huge work in the heart’s of people.

7. We wrapped up our series TIRED yesterday. This was a huge life changing series for our church.

8. We are kicking off a new series called Hookin’ Up on Sunday.

9. During this series, we are having a mass wedding to encourage and help couples honor God through holy matrimony.

Leading Through Chaos pt. 3

4. Don’t be afraid to make changes: As an organization grows, matures and pursues new opportunities, it can oftentimes outgrow the current systems, structures and certain people. You have to embrace the fact that what got you to where you are won’t take you to where you need to go. When you outgrow systems, structures or people, it can create chaos and you have to be willing to make changes. You can’t be held hostage by what got you where you are. The famous last words of a dying organization are, “We’ve always done it that way!” To move successfully through a chaotic season oftentimes requires the leaders to make some tough changes to take the organization to the next level. Don’t be afraid to make changes.

Leading Through Chaos pt.2

3. Don’t get in a rush: If leaders aren’t careful when things get chaotic in their organization, they can make quick knee jerk reaction decisions that jeopardize the long range health and vision of the organization. I have learned that it is important for the top leaders to spend time praying, processing and analyzing how the organization got into this chaotic season and then determine the proper course of action to lead the organization out of this season. We cannot let the chaotic season cause us to make a bad knee jerk reaction decision that will hinder the future and health of the organization. Pray, process, analyze and then chart the course!

More Tomorrow

Leading Through Chaos

It would be nice if leading a church, business, family, city or company was all predictable, a slow pace and packed with easy decisions, but it’s not. I’ve learned that for me to be a good leader I have to learn to lead through chaos. Chaos is a part of leadership and you have to learn how to successfully navigate through chaos. Here are some things I’ve learned and am learning:

1. Chaos is a part of a growing organization, so embrace it don’t fight it. When you are growing and moving forward with the vision it can create chaotic moments. It’s a part of the natural flow and rhythms of organizational life. You outgrow systems, people and structures, and it can create chaos. Embrace it and don’t run from it.

2. Don’t panic during seasons of chaos. Identify the root of the chaos and don’t get sidetracked with the fruit of the chaos. It’s easy to overreact because of all of the stressful fruit that chaotic seasons can bring to your organization, but don’t let the fruit stress you, let it reveal to you what the root of the problem is. You can spend your time and energy trying to fix the fruit or you can let the fruit reveal to you the root of the problem so that you can correct it and lead your organization out of the chaotic season and into a new season of growth and health.

More Tomorrow

Weekend Highlights

1. I caught a 6am flight from Oklahoma City to Rochester, NY to speak at the One Thing Conference for my great friends Pierre & Marlize DuPlessis.

2. I spoke Friday night at 7pm at The Father’s House. It is a kicking multicultural church. I had a great time.

3. I got a few hours of sleep and got up at 4:45am Rochester time and 3:45am OKC time, and caught a flight back home in time to watch my son’s basketball game at 1pm. I was only 10 minutes late.

4. I had an average night of sleep on Saturday night, which surprised me because I was wiped out from a busy weekend.

5. Sunday, I was super excited to teach the word of God to People’s Church. Our series TIRED is making a huge spiritual impact in the lives of people. Life change is happening.

6. The People’s Church 14 days of fasting ended on Sunday and I broke my fast with 2 slices of Hideaway Pizza and fried mushrooms. I know, I know, it was a heavy way to break my fast! LOL!

7. People’s Church is still looking for the right person to hire for our Financial/Business Director position. If you are a CPA or someone who has the skill set and experience with CPA/bookkeeping skills, send your resume to You can find a job description of this position on the People’s Church website.

8. My Oklahoma City Thunder have the best record in the NBA. Yes!

9. My Oklahoma Sooners got a big road win against a good Kansas State team. Yes!

People’s Church Is Hiring

With all of the amazing growth that People’s Church has been experiencing, we are seeking to hire two highly motivated people in our Creative Arts Department. If you or someone that you know is interested, please email your resume to

1. Full-time Video & Design position – This job will consist of being a part of a team that does graphic design/branding, creates videos through motion graphics/cinematography and aides in the creation of our weekend experiences.

This position consists of, but is not limited to:
-Someone proficient in most all Adobe products (After Effects, Premiere,
Photoshop, Illustrator)
-Experience in Motion Graphics (After Effects and/or Cinema 4D)
-Video editing skills (Final Cut and/or Premiere)
-Experienced cinematographer
-Someone that likes a fast-paced environment
-Quick learner (and willing to learn)
-Team player
-Good communication and organization skills

2. Part-time (20 hrs/wk) Technical Director Midwest City campus – This job will consist of overseeing the technical and creative aspects of our Midwest City campus including lighting, sound and video.

This position consists of, but is not limited to:
-Programming lighting for the weekend experiences
-Overseeing and running sound
-Helping oversee and train production volunteers
-Overseeing all audio/video/lighting equipment
-Helping execute the Sunday experiences

People’s Church Gave Away A Car

It truly is more blessed to give than to receive! Thank you People’s Church for being such a generous church!

Hiring A Business Director

With all of the amazing growth that People’s Church has been experiencing, we are seeking to hire a Business Director. This position will be primarily responsible for directing and leading the financial aspects of our business operations. We are looking forward to a high-capacity leader that can lead and execute our financial department.

The position consists of, but is not limited to, the brief description below. If you or someone that you know is interested, please email resume to

Business Director

• A proven leader with a desire to use their gifts of administration/financial operation to make a Kingdom impact
• Demonstrated proficiency in Quickbooks, Office, Word, Excel and specific fund-based accounting software.
• Must also have a desire and ability to learn new computer software quickly and accurately
• Attention to detail and precision in account reconciliation and report generation
• Ability to create specified financial reports
• Ability to input/extract data from and analyze financial reports
• Experience working with financial audits and preparation of necessary financial documents for internal, board and independent financial auditors
• Strength in multi-tasking
• Strong relational/interpersonal skills, with a desire and ability to work well with other business professionals, team members and volunteers
• Leader that is willing to think outside the box
• Overall strength in understanding and executing details/deliverables

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