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TIRED Promo Video

I’m kicking off a new series called TIRED this Sunday! It’s going to be a life changing series for many people! Invite everybody you know!

New Television Commercial

Check out the People’s Church new television commercial that started this week! Invite everybody you know to the new series starting Sunday called TIRED……………Ready for a change!

Make God THE Priority

Don’t make God a priority make Him THE priority in 2012! Here are some ways to do that!

1. Start each day with reading the Bible, worship and prayer.

2. Live out what you read and learn from your Bible reading time.

3. Begin the first month of the year with a special emphasis on prayer and fasting. Join People’s Church for our 14 days of prayer and fasting beginning January 15.

4. Worship at a Bible teaching church faithfully.

5. Serve in a ministry in your local church.

6. Build relationships and friendships with other Christians through a small group, Sunday school class, Wednesday night Bible studies, etc.

7. Honor God with your finances by living within your means, telling every dollar where to go before you spend it (budget), tithe (return 10 percent to God through the local church) where you worship, give offerings (discipline yourself to give above the Lord’s tithe to those in need), save for the emergencies and the future.

8. Walk in forgiveness. People will hurt, offend or do something you don’t like in 2012. Be quick to forgive.

9. Live a life of humility by not thinking more highly of yourself than you ought to.

10. Love people by being kind, respectful, patient and do all you can do to keep peace.

First Things First

This Sunday we are wrapping up our series First Things First! The best way to begin the New Year is by putting God first!

Merry Christmas

To all of you who read my blog, I want to say a HUGE Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thank you for being a faithful reader at I am taking a two-week break from writing blog posts. I look forward to sharing more thoughts and insights with you in 2012!

Christmas Production

During our grand finale experience, we showed this video that I prerecorded in downtown Oklahoma City! This could be a great video to share with a family member or friend who may need to experience the love, grace and forgiveness of Christ.

14 Years Of Marriage

I married the love of my life 14 years ago! It was truly a great and God decision to say, “I do” to Tiffany. She completes me! Here are some things that make my wife such a special and awesome wife, mom and woman!

1. She loves God with every fiber within her. She walks with God.

2. She lives for God. Her walk with God is evident. She walks the talk.

3. She is the kindest and sweetest person I know. Her kindness is genuine. She is kind to everyone.

4. She is such a friendly person. People love to be around her because she is so friendly.

5. She is down to earth. Tiffany is so approachable, easy going and easy to talk with.

6. She is sexy. My wife is hot. She is beautiful. She is one good looking woman.

7. She loves me for who I am. She knows my faults, weaknesses and struggles and loves me for me.

8. She is so fun. She loves to laugh. She loves to have a blast.

9. She is such an awesome mother to our 4 kids. She handles staying home with our 4 kids so gracefully.

10. She is constantly thinking about how to help and bless other people.

11. She has a heart for ministry. She wants to make a difference in this world for Christ.

12. She is my best friend. She listens to me and understands me.

This list could go on and on! Yes, I have a great wife! Happy Anniversary Tiffany! I love you with all of my heart!

Weekend Highlights

1. Lots of excitement in the air at the Cooper home and at People’s Church.

2. Our two oldest kids had two basketball games on Saturday. We won one and lost one.

3. My Dallas Cowboys won on Saturday and the Giants lost on Sunday. Come on BOYS and make the playoffs.

4. Church was amazing. It was a super ending to our Timeless Christmas series.

5. I want to say a HUGE, BIG THANK YOU to our worship team, band, creative arts and media teams for all of your hard work to make our Christmas series a great success.

6. God has blessed People’s Church with such a super staff and I’m thankful for each of them.

7. Thank you to all of our volunteers who serve every week so that life change can happen at People’s Church. You folks are the best.

8. I made the playoffs in all 6 leagues. I’ve been knocked out of the playoffs in 2 leagues. I have made the championship game in two leagues, and if can hold off my opponent tonight, I will be in the championship in 3 leagues. In my other league, this weekend is the semi-finals. My hobby is nearing the end of the season.

9. I’m really looking forward to our Christmas Eve experiences at both campuses at on Friday at 7pm and on Saturday at 5pm & 6:30pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How To Get A Raise pt. 2

9. Be so good at what you do that you are irreplaceable. Continue to grow and develop your skills.

10. Don’t use your current job as a stepping stone for another job. Your employer wants to know that you are all in. That doesn’t mean you’ll be there forever but it should be a calling not a career.

11. Get along with the people at your work place. Be a likable person that people enjoy working with.

12. Submit to authority. Don’t buck authority and do your own thing and then expect to be rewarded.

13. Add value to the company by sharing good ideas and thoughts on how the company can improve.

14. Be respectful to your boss and to other employees. You can disagree without being a jerk.

15. Go the extra mile: Every boss knows those employees who are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. You want to be known as an employee who is willing to go the extra mile.

16. Put the team before your dream. Some employees are all about themselves. They are selfish and self-centered. Be known as an employee who puts the team before your own dream.

17. Work every day as if you’re working for the Lord! Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and God will lift you up. Remember, promotions and raises ultimately come from the Lord! Honor God!

How To Get A Raise At Your Job

1. Have a positive and good attitude

2. Do your job well

3. Meet deadlines

4. Manage stressful seasons without whining and complaining

5. Exceed expectations: Some people do what’s asked of them, but it’s rare for a person to exceed what’s expected

6. Treat your job like it’s a calling not a career. Calling meaning: I’m all in, heart and soul and Career meaning: I’m here for a paycheck

7. Use social media to be positive about your life and work not to complain about your life, job, boss or co-workers

8. Help your boss and company accomplish their goals


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