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YES! That’s Me Break Dancing

Our Timeless Christmas series is amazing! The Grand Finale is this Sunday! Invite everybody you know!!

Weekend Highlights

1. Tiffany and I went to see the movie Hugo on Thursday night. It was a pretty good movie.

2. Friday was a relaxing day with the family.

3. Saturday, our two oldest boys had three basketball games between the two of them. It’s fun watching them have fun.

4. Sunday was a great day at People’s Church. Our Timeless Christmas series is off the charts good. God is really blessing it in a big way.

5. My OU Sooner men’s basketball team is looking good. I was pleasantly surprised by the dominance against Arkansas.

6. I had one fantasy football playoff game yesterday. I had Demarco Murray in that league and he got hurt in the first quarter.

7. My other five fantasy football playoff games are this Sunday. I had a bye week in 4 leagues.

8. Busy and fun day today. It’s my all day calendar and budget planning meeting with my executives. We will get a ton knocked out.

Advice To Young Leaders pt. 2

4. Handle money wisely: One of the best decisions my wife and I made in our early 20’s was to get out of debt (40 to 50 thousand dollars worth of debt) and to live beneath our means. We are only in our mid 30’s but we’ve been financially free for over a decade because of this decision. The only debt we have is our home. Young leader, don’t fall into the trap of trying to impress people. Don’t fall into the trap of placing your self-worth on your net worth. Tithe, give offerings above your tithe, save for the future and get out of debt and live with financial peace instead of financial stress. So many people never pursue their dreams because they are financially strapped instead of financially free.

5. Find a mentor that is where you want to be: In my mid 20’s, I pursued mentors who were where I wanted to be and it’s paid tremendous dividends in every area of my life. My mentors have strong marriages, God fearing kids, thriving churches and lead with the utmost integrity. These mentors have kept my wife and I out of ditches. Their wisdom has propelled our life and ministry to a level that would have been so hard to achieve by ourselves. Young leader, don’t try to do life and figure out everything by yourself. Find a mentor who can constantly speak into your life and give you wisdom, guidance and direction. Find a mentor who will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. It will keep you out of trouble and take you further than you could go by yourself.

World-Wide Television

I was planning on doing part two of “Advice To Young Leaders” today, but I had a late night and my brain is tired. :) I drove to Dallas yesterday and was one of the guests on the world-wide Christian television show called Praise the Lord on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). I didn’t get home and to bed until around 3:30am this morning. I will finish the post on “Advice To Young Leaders” tomorrow. The Praise the Lord show will be airing tonight at 9pm CST. I am the first guest on the show… I hope you can check it out. Until tomorrow!

Advice To Young Leaders

1. Don’t be a know it all: In my early 20’s, I talked more than I listened. I thought I knew more than I knew. Today, I recognize that I don’t know what I don’t know instead of thinking I know what I don’t know. Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

2. Listen and learn from those who are further down the road than you are instead of being critical of them. People who are seasoned in life can teach you a lot. Don’t discount these leaders because they may have a different style or they may not be as modern or hip as you. They have a lot to offer.

3. Don’t rush into marriage. In ministry, I’ve seen many times how a spouse is a liability instead of an asset to their spouse’s ministry. Who you marry is key to your success in life. Take your time! Choose wisely. Wait on God’s best for your life. It’s worth the wait!

More Tomorrow

Weekend Highlights

1. It was another fun weekend for the Coopers!

2. Tiffany and I went on a date Thursday night! We went to dinner & grabbed dessert and did a lot of talking. Love my date nights with my best friend.

3. On Friday, we started celebrating Cale, my oldest kid’s birthday.

4. After school on Friday, we blindfolded Cale, and the entire family surprised him by taking him to see The Muppets movie. We didn’t take off the blindfold until we were at the movies standing in front of the concession stand. Cale loved this surprise. He loves movies, and he loved getting to pick out the candy and drink.

5. On Saturday, Cale’s birthday, Tiffany bought him the snacks of his choice, and he got to stay up past bed time to watch the Sooners and Cowboys football game.

6. Speaking of the Sooners. WHAT in the world happened? Losing is one thing, but getting spanked is a whole nother thing. Wow, I was mad but my hats off to the Cowboys. Great win.

7. I listened to Mike Gundy’s interview after OSU was not selected to play in the National Championship game, and he was a class act. I really like Mike Gundy.

8. I was hoping that OSU would play LSU for the championship, but Alabama is very deserving.

9. Sunday at People’s Church was a great day, seeing many people place their faith in Christ. Thank you to the orchestra, ballet dancers and all who was involved in making this another unforgettable experience at People’s Church.

10. The Dallas Cowboys gave that game away to Arizona. I’m still not sure why the coach called a timeout.

11. I’m making the playoffs in all 6 of my leagues. In 4 of my leagues, I finished number 1 or 2 so I have a bye week the first round of the playoffs. In the other two leagues, I finished 3rd with an 8-5 record and a 9-4 record. In the league where I’m 9-4, we have one more week of the regular season before the playoffs start, so I could finish 10-4. It’s been another fun season of fantasy football!

Leave The Results To God

1. Pray, but leave the answers to your prayers in God’s hands

2. Have faith that can move mountains, but leave the mountain moving in God’s hands

3. Preach the Word of God, but leave the changing of a person’s heart in God’s hands

4. Witness to those who need Christ, but leave a person’s salvation in God’s hands

5. Work hard at your job, but leave future promotions and raises in God’s hands

6. Tithe and give offerings, but leave the financial blessings in God’s hands

7. Believe God to heal the sick, but leave the healing in God’s hands

If you blame yourself when the results don’t happen, then you will take the credit when the results do happen. The results should never be in your hands, they should always be in God’s hands!

Keys To Hearing The Voice Of God

1. Get to know God’s Word and it helps you to better hear God’s voice.

2. Spend daily time alone with God praying, worshipping and reading the Bible.

3. As you develop a close relationship with God you become better at hearing His voice. After years of walking with God, I have become better at hearing His voice.

4. God leads us through inner peace. Just because something makes sense doesn’t mean it’s God. You have to get God’s peace before moving forward.

5. Cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives inside every believer, and He leads us and guides us into all truth.

6. Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit by living a life of disobedience. It becomes difficult to hear God’s voice when you are living a life of sin.

7. Seek godly counsel and wisdom from people who have been serving God for years. Seasoned godly people can help you discern God’s voice.

8. Don’t make decisions that go against the Bible. God will never tell you to do something that goes against what He has already said in the Bible.

Thanksgiving Week Highlights

1. Wow, it was a great week with my family during Thanksgiving.

2. My family and I drove to Kansas City, MO and caught a flight from the Kansas City airport on Saturday to Chicago.

3. I preached on Sunday at Rockford First in Rockford, IL. My family and I had a great time at this great church.

4. Pastor Jeremy Deweerdt and his wife Jen are doing an incredible job leading this amazing church. God is blessing them with tremendous growth.

5. After church, Pastor Jeremy took me and Terry Kelly to the Chicago Bears game at Soldier Field. That was a really cool experience. The Bears won.

6. Our family got to spend a lot of time with the Terry Kelly family while we were in Rockford. Terry is the worship pastor at the church and he has been a great friend for years.

7. Tiffany and I spent Monday on Michigan Avenue shopping and eating with the Kellys. That was super fun.

8. I ate Garrett’s popcorn for the first time. Man, that stuff is good. Seriously, it’s the best popcorn I’ve ever had.

9. On Tuesday morning, I worked on Sunday’s message and got my notes emailed to the office.

10. On Tuesday afternoon, we took our kids along with the Kelly family to Lego Land which is located in a suburb of Chicago. The kids had a blast, and we had a blast watching them have a blast.

11. On Tuesday night, Tiffany and I and the Kelly’s went to the IPICT Theater and watched a late movie. We sat in reclining chairs with blankets and a pillow, and there were people who took our dinner orders and brought us food, soda and popcorn. This is the way to watch a movie.

12. On Wednesday, my family flew back to Kansas City, MO to spend Thanksgiving with a lot of my family. We ate good and had some good fellowship on Thanksgiving.

13. On Friday morning, we drove home to get ready for our new Christmas series called Timeless Christmas.

14. Sunday at People’s Church was amazing at both campuses. The special Christmas performances were at a whole nother level!

15. Our creative team, media, dancers, and whole host of others did an awesome job making the performances happen. God has blessed PC with some incredible talent. These people have a heart for God and to make a difference for HIS kingdom.

16. Many people gave their lives to Christ, and the excitement is in the air for the rest of this series. We are just getting warmed up. The rest of this series will be crazy good! I can’t wait!! Invite everybody you know!

Timeless Christmas Kicks Off

People’s Church does Christmas BIG time! Our Christmas series kicks off this Sunday, November 27, at both campuses! Both campuses will be transformed into a Christmas wonderland and there will be spectacular performances all 4 weeks! This is a must series to INVITE everybody you know to come experience the life changing power of Christ! Check out the promotional video!

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