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Building A Teaching Team pt. 2

When you are raising up a teaching team, you want to ensure that you set the teachers up for success. You want them to win. You want it to be well received by your church family. Here are some things we do to ensure that our team is set up for success and that we maintain the highest quality of teaching possible.

1. We give the teacher months of notice before they are going to be teaching, especially if they are in the early stages of development.

2. We give the teacher a series theme and topic to teach on.

3. We give the teacher ideas, sermons and research on their assigned subject. We try to provide them resources so that we can make the studying process as easy as possible. Learning how to study and put together a talk can be a difficult and long process for a new communicator, so we try to alleviate some of the stress by giving them resources that relate to their speaking assignment.

4. We have them turn in a transcript of their message 3 to 4 weeks before they are suppose to teach.

5. We review the transcript and make any necessary changes to the talk and then we go over it with the communicator.

6. We teach the communicator the People’s Church speaking culture. Every church has its own, unique culture. Some of the People’s Church culture is we don’t beat people up when we speak; we don’t talk down to people. We teach biblical truth with love, grace and compassion. We like every point to be supported with scripture. We like for the speaker to use humor. We like the speaker to use personal stories, etc.

7. When it’s a new communicator that is gaining confidence, we will have them teach the message to our team a week or two before they teach the message to the church and give them feedback on how they can improve the message and the delivery.

8. After the communicator teachers the message to our church family, we always give feedback on what they did well and on what they can improve.

9. After the communicator teaches, we have them watch the video of themselves teaching so they can see the areas where they did well and the areas that they need to improve.

10. We continue this process over and over with a communicator and over time you end up with a good teacher that can be trusted to teach God’s word and lift a load for the primary teaching pastor.

Building A Teaching Team

The People’s Church preaching and teaching team consists of a full time staff member who has a high school diploma and no ministerial training and he was an employee of the city of Oklahoma City for years before we brought him on staff. It also consists of a lay leader who used to be a senior pastor, an evangelist who is part time on our staff and another one of our full time staff members who has a bible degree. We also use several other lay leaders to teach on Wednesday nights and various classes. There are also several other staff members on our team that have the ability to teach and we will develop them in the future and utilize their gift to be a blessing to our church family.

Here are some ideas and thoughts about how to find and build a teaching team:

1. Find people who are sold out to Jesus. They attend church faithfully, serve in a ministry, are involved in a small group and tithe consistently.

2. Keep your eye open for people who have a public speaking gift. Their gift may be way under developed but you don’t have to have somebody whose gift is already developed. You are looking for somebody who has a speaking gift and then you can develop them. Often times the talent is right underneath our noise but we just aren’t looking for it or we are overlooking it.

3. When you find people with the gift, start developing them. 1. Teach them how to prepare a talk. 2. Have them study and listen to other gifted communicators. 3. Have them teach and preach messages to you. I have found that a great way to teach people to preach is to have them preach to 2 to 5 of our staff members and then we give them feedback and help them grow. 4. Give them opportunities to preach on Sundays or Wednesday nights.

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One of the things that I have been very intentional to do is to raise up other teachers and preachers of God’s word. I do not think I should or need to be the only one teaching God’s word to our church family. It is very healthy for our church to hear God’s word taught from other people’s life experiences and from a different perspective and style. I use our team teachers during our Sunday experiences and during our Wednesday night teaching times. This team allows me to share the heavy load and responsibility that comes with teaching God’s word so that I can stay fresh and also spend time focusing on leading People’s Church and hearing from God about the direction and future of the church. I teach and preach between 35 to 38 Sundays a year and I normally preach 4 to 6 Wednesday nights a year. Our teaching team is an invaluable asset to People’s Church. Over the next two days, I want to share with you how we raised up these teachers and how we keep the teaching quality at a high level.

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Weekend Highlights

1. It was a relaxing weekend after a busy week.

2. On Wednesday, I had to make a trip to Springfield, MO for the bi-annual board members meeting for Evangel University.

3. I ate at Lambert’s, the home of the throwed rolls on Wednesday night.

4. The board meeting was all day Thursday. I got home on Thursday night and picked up Tiffany, and we went and drank McDonald’s hot chocolate (good stuff by the way)!

5. On Friday, I just chilled out with my family. We went on our family date night and ate pizza.

6. On Saturday, my family made our annual trip to some of our friend’s home on the south side of the Oklahoma City metro where we ate ribs and a bunch of other yummy stuff. We played the game Phase 10 and had an amazing time.

7. I was very glad Boise State and Stanford lost. It’s a slim shot, but I’m hoping that if my Sooner’s beat OSU Cowboys that they will play in the National Championship game. We shall see.

8. The NBA lockout is getting on my nerves. I want to see my Thunder play. Let’s go and get this deal done people!

9. Sunday at People’s Church was a great day of spiritual momentum. God is at work big time and lives are being changed and for that I praise God!

10. The Dallas Cowboys won. Yes!

11. I think I will go 5-1 in my 6 fantasy football leagues this week. The good news is I am .500 or above in all of my leagues, and I am playoff bound with 3 weeks left. I have to hold on and get into the playoffs in all my leagues. I am 9-1 in 2 leagues.

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My Weaknesses

1. Because of things I experienced in my past, I tend not to trust people quickly.

2. I hold on to things to long instead of releasing them to others. I’ve gotten better with this but there is room for improvement.

3. I’m conservative financially and at times it can keep me from taking a step of faith. This is a strength but it’s also a weakness.

4. Sometimes I share my opinion with my team and then ask for feedback, when I should listen to what my team thinks about the issue before I give my opinion. I can sway the room with my opinion and that can hinder unfiltered ideas and thoughts.

5. I’m impatient with people. I know it’s a part of the fruit of the spirit. I NEED TO GROW! Pray for your brother! :)

6. Sometimes I listen to people but I’m not really listening. I’m actually thinking about my comeback instead of really trying to understand where the other person is coming from.

7. Sometimes when somebody is talking about something I’m not interested in, I allow my mind to wander somewhere else. I need to focus better on what people are saying versus being rude by pretending like I’m listening.

8. Our church runs at such a fast pace and I can find myself creating doers instead of leaders because we need everything done quickly. I’m learning how to better equip our team to be leaders while we run at a fast pace.

I have many other weaknesses that I’m sure I will share on a later post.

Weekend Highlights

1. Football season for my 2 oldest boys is winding down. It’s been a busy but fun season. We have one more game tonight and then the playoffs.

2. I had a relaxing day off on Friday. I drank coffee, read the paper and hung out with my family.

3. Saturday was a super fun day. My wife and I went to the OU Sooner game with some of our great friends. We had a blast eating lunch with them and watching the Sooners win.

4. Sunday was a powerful day at People’s Church. We had a miracle service. Our church has been praying and fasting over the past two to three weeks for God to do miracles. I taught a message on miracles, and towards the end of every experience our prayer team and church leaders came to the front of the church and prayed for those who needed a miracle.

5. There was an awesome presence of God at both campuses. I know God did a great work in the lives of people. Our God is a miracle worker!

6. We would love to hear what God did in your life during our miracle service on Sunday. Email your testimony to

7. After church on Sunday, I came home, ate a Jimmy John’s sandwich and watched football all day & hung out with my family. Fun times!

8. My Dallas Cowboys won. To celebrate their victory, I went to Braum’s and drank an Egg Nog milk shake. Yummy. Ok, I probably would have got one even if they had lost! :)

9. We are kicking some giants in the teeth through our series called Giants! Thank you Jesus!

10. My fantasy football teams are doing okay. In 2 of my leagues, I am 7-1. I have a winning record in all of my leagues expect for one. After this week, I think I will be 4-5 in that league.

Do YOU pt. 3

6. I had to take preaching breaks: In the early years of People’s Church, I felt like I had to preach 48 to 50 weekends a year. I thought the entire success of the church depended on me preaching almost every weekend. Wonderful and well meaning church people also put a guilt trip on me by saying things like, “Oh pastor, I don’t like it when you are gone,” or “Pastor, I like it better when you preach,” or “Pastor, I come to this church because of your preaching.” Those kind of comments really messed with my head in the early days. I do believe the senior pastor’s presence and teaching the first couple of years of a new church plant is needed more than where our church is today (9 years old), but I was a little extreme. I really felt like one Sunday could make or break our church. I felt like the church could fall apart if I was gone. I had a lot of bad thinking.

Over the years here, I have learned a ton about myself and what a healthy preaching pace looks like. Let me share some things that I’ve learned:

1. When a church starts adding 3 or more services on the weekend, the primary communicator needs to be sure to take extra speaking breaks. Preaching multiple services on the weekends is grueling.

2. I believe it’s very healthy for a church to have more than one pastor/preacher speaking into the life of the church. We have a teaching team at People’s Church and I bring in some outside speakers as well.

3. I preach 4 times every Sunday and if I go more than 6 to 7 weeks in a row without a speaking break, I lose my creativity and began to get fatigued. You have to learn what works best for you, but the thing I want to drive home is to stay fresh and to be at your best you have to take speaking breaks.

4. I think a senior pastor should try to speak around 35 to 40 weekends a year so that they can stay healthy, fresh and raise up other preaching pastors. I preach somewhere between 35 to 38 weekends a year.

5. I’ve learned that one of the greatest gifts I provide my church is my leadership and not just my preaching. Many of the wonderful people at People’s Church think the greatest gift I provide our church is my teaching gift because that’s what they see. But the leadership I provide People’s Church is just as important as the preaching on the weekends. When I’m not speaking on a weekend, I can spend much more of my week leading the church instead of on sermon preparation. I spend more time working ON the ministry instead of IN the ministry.

Do YOU pt. 2

4. I had to say no: I use to say yes way more than I would say no. I would allow people to dictate my schedule and priorities. I felt obligated when people would ask me to lunch or dinner or wanted to talk with me on the phone or meet with me or when someone would want me to come speak at their event, etc. Some people put a guilt trip on me when they asked me so I for sure felt obligated! :) I’ve learned that for me to do all that God has called me to do, I have to say no way more than I say yes. I have to control my schedule so that I can accomplish my God given priorities. I’ve grown to a place that I don’t even feel guilty for saying no. I realize if I’m going to love God, have a thriving marriage, invest in my kids, stay healthy, pastor and lead People’s Church and teach God’s word effectively, I have to say no way more than I say yes.

5. I had to pace myself: The first couple of years of People’s Church I ran at an insane pace, like most new churches or businesses. I didn’t take a salary from People’s Church for almost a year and I didn’t take a full time salary for almost 2 years. I traveled during the week and preached at different churches and events to support my family and to help underwrite the expenses of People’s Church. When I was home, my wife and I were entertaining new families in our home, visiting new families in their home, going out to eat with new families and DOING a lot of the day in and day out duties to make the ministry run. That was a season of life and ministry, but for many people, a season turns into a lifestyle and I did not want that to happen. I had to figure out what was a sustainable pace for me. Yes, I still work extremely hard (40 to 60 hours a week) but it’s a much more sustainable pace, most of the time :). My pace may not be your pace but the key is to find a pace where you are highly productive and working extremely hard but you can sustain it for the long haul.

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One of the BIG things that I’ve had to figure out over the years is myself! That’s right, I’ve had to learn what makes me tick! I’ve had to learn what makes me happy, sad, energized, laugh, rest and enjoy life and ministry. Here are some things that I’ve discovered about myself.

1. I’m not very good at many things: I use to think I was good at a lot of things but over the years I’ve come to realize that I’m really good at 1, 2 or maybe 3 things. I’m average or okay at many things but only really good at just a few. I’m much happier and fulfilled when I’m focused and working in my sweet spots. I laugh more, work better and accomplish more when I’m working in the areas were I’m really good!

2. I have to take my off day: I use to ignore the Sabbath and work constantly because there was always something that needed to be done. I’ve come to realize that the work will never all get done! I have to take my day off. It’s amazing how God knew what he was talking about! :). I’ve had to discipline myself to unplug from ministry for one day. I don’t talk to any of my staff on my day off. I don’t go to the office. I don’t email my staff. I really have worked at resting and it has made me a healthier person. Of course, there are occasional times that I have to deal with something in the ministry but that is not the norm.

3. I have to let go: I am a control freak by nature. I think a lot of leaders are. I’ve had to let go and empower other people to lead and this wasn’t easy for me. I had to begin equipping other people, trusting other people, being comfortable not knowing everything happening in the church and I had to let other people lead and make decisions. Letting go was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as the senior pastor of People’s Church. I’m a much healthier leader because I let go. Other leaders are flourishing and doing what God has called them to do because I let go! People’s Church is moving forward and more lives are being changed because I let go! Thank God I let go!!

More tomorrow!!

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